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Sep 4, 2010

Zionism is very complicated !

Thursday 02 September 2010 - 13:28

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad here Wednesday evening considered the Qods Day to be an international, human concern and joining point of entire nations for materializing and humane, clear demand.

President Ahmadinejad added in an interview with Al-Alam International Arabic news network, “The International Qods Day is the day for supporting the oppressed Palestinian nation, whose rights are constantly demolished under the boots of the murderer Zionist soldiers.”

In response to a question on the importance of the Qods Day, Dr. Ahmadinejad reiterated, “Today the Qods Day is the most important issue for the Islamic world and we can realize this point from the side taking, the extent of sensitivity and the lobbying taking part in various countries respectively.”

Today the Qods issue has become a human concern

The president pointed out that Qods issue is not merely a geographical, national, or Palestinian issue today, reiterating, “Although the Qods issue is quite an Islamic one, it is not limited to a concern for the world Muslim, but a general human concern, since the Zionist regime has before the alert eyes of seven billion world population, occupied a land resorting to gun point, lies and treachery, followed by serious threats against Palestine’s neighbors, the entire regional countries, destroying the people’s homes, and in fact demolishing the dignity and prestige of the humankind today, which is why any noble human being anywhere in the world is sensitive about the fate of the occupied Holy Qods.”

Zionism is a very complicated, harsh, cultureless political party

Emphasizing that Zionism is a very complicated, harsh, cultureless political party, Dr.Ahmadinejad said, “The Zionists intend to exert their hegemony all over the world and to destroy the entire world cultures. They wish to exert their hegemony over the world economy and even to appoint the entire world leaders all by themselves, to decide which radio of television must broadcast which news items and who must receive this year’s peace prize.”

Pointing out that presently the main stronghold of the international Zionism is Israel, he reiterated, “Although some people believe the United States is the major stronghold of the international Zionism, it is questionable whether the US administration is manipulated by the Zionists, or the Tel Aviv government is under the hegemony of Washington, but the important point is that the Zionists are threatened everywhere in the world toady.”

Right to decide own fate, best solution to Palestine issue

In response to a question on Islamic Republic of Iran’s proposed solution for Palestine issue and materializing the denied rights of the Palestinians, the president said, “The best solution for the Palestine problem is found in the UN Charter of Human Rights and that is that people’s right to decide about their own fate. The Palestinian nation has a history, a land, and an identity and they have never been a nomad nation, and therefore the Zionist regime cannot wipe them off the roadmap today.”

President Ahamdinejad reiterated, “Just as every nation that has the right to decide its fate, the Palestinians, too, should enjoy that right. There are some 10 million Palestinians today that can at a free and fate making referendum decide about their own fate and this is the least costly, most humane solution that all sides must yield to.”

Reason for doomed defeat of all compromise talks

President Ahamdinejad reiterated, “Peace talks have been held for over three decades and dozens of formulas, too, have been presented at Palestine conferences, why then have they all been doomed to defeat? If the root causes of the Palestine problems will not be addressed even dozens of peace plans will not work.”

He added, “On the other hand it must be clarified who would represent who at the talks and where the representative of 10 million would Palestinians stand in the talks? Are the occupiers going to talks to the real representative of the Palestinians? Presently the representative of them is Hamas, because they have elected Hamas. Therefore the real representative of ten million Palestinians should be present at the talks.”

US election problems interfere in deciding the time of the peace talks

President Ahmadinejad reiterated, “It must be known whether in the course of the peace talks deciding about the fate of the Palestinian lands and people, ending the oppression and discrimination, and return of the occupiers to their own lands are going to be discusses, or merely a group of people wish to gather and come to terms with one another? Is not the mediator of the talks himself a party in the negotiations? Experience has proved that the US administrations have been absolutely supporting the occupying, aggressive nature of the Zionists. How can they be the mediator of the talks?”

Dr.Ahamdinejad reiterated, “The Zionist occupiers should not assume if they supposedly signed an agreement in the course of the talks that the world would accept their legitimacy. That is quite an erroneous assumption, because the Zionists are hated all over the world today, save for inside the Zionist lobby in Europe and the United States, that has a few thousand members, no one likes them anywhere else in the world.”

“May be the only objectives of beginning the pace process is the US elections and scene setting for the American voters, while there is not need to such games, since there are only two parties in the United States and the people have not 3rd option. They vote for the less troublesome party, which they assume is the Democrats. There is no need to such propagation then.”

Dr.Ahmadinejad emphasized that Palestine crisis must be solved by the Palestinians and through recognition of the Palestinians’ rights, arguing, “There is no need to waging wars and dispatching armies, since by observing the most natural rights of the Palestinians the problem would be solved needless of holding several rounds of talks.”

Iran ready to offer defense assistance to regional countries

The Al-Alam reporter asked whether Iran is ready to offer defense assistance to regional nations, or not? President Ahmadinejad replied, “Iran is ready to share its defense experience with the entire regional countries. He added, “Of course this assistance would be merely in defense field and the defense assistance of Iran would not be restricted to any certain country, as every country can provide its defense needs from Iran.”

Improvement of Iran-Saudi-Egypt relations to benefit Islamic world

Replying to a question on relations among Iran, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ahmadinejad said, “Iran’s relations with other countries are regulated based on friendship, love, and brotherhood, particularly with the regional and Islamic countries that we have greater incentives for cooperation. If there is a gap sometimes with some friend countries it is mainly due to the intrigues of the enemies. Otherwise, everyone knows if Egypt and Iran would be side by side of one another the Zionist regime would have no place in the region and no one would dare to invade Afghanistan and Iraq and to pour bombs on the heads of the innocent people of Pakistan. No insecurity and dispute would remain in the region. Close relations among these three countries is more than anyone to the benefit of the Islamic world, because the Middle East is the communications crossroad of the world and the existence of a secure and advanced Mideast is to the benefit of he entire world. Iran tries to improve these ties, but such a relation has enemies, too.”

Sanctions’ effects should be sought in Europe

Replying to a question on economic sanctions against the Iranian nation and their effect inside Iran, the president said, “These sanctions leave their effect mainly in Europe, since the United States had no economic ties with Iran already. In fact they urge lack of economic ties to Europeans, which is why it is the Europeans that suffer the greatest losses, because Iran can both manufacture what it needs and procure its demands from the entire world.”

Dr.Ahmadinejad stressed, “All the same the sanctions have positive effects on Iranian economy. Today the Iranian economy is self sufficient. We have innovations, a blossoming economy and a comprehensive advancement trend while any intrigue form outside accelerates this blessed trend. The Iranian oil and gas industry is 100 years old and we can now proceed with the entire phases of refinery construction, manufacturing and oil exports. Therefore, the oppressor powers are faced with such realities and their move is like depriving a country with many lakes of sweet imported water.”

Evacuating Iraq coupled with guaranteeing not to interfere in Iraq’s internal affairs
President Ahamdinejad said: “ the evacuation of US forces form Iraq does not mean the end of the US forces’ presence there now, although Iran welcomes decreasing their number there, believing that the Iraqis must rule in Iraq.”

Terming the US presence in Iraq as “useless”, the president reiterated, and “Today the world nations ask what the use of the US forces’ presence was in Iraq? Did it boo the regional security? Was terrorism uprooted and the regional economy improved? Did they find and destroy weapons of mass destruction? What objective was behind the US invasion at any rate?

Stressing that the criminals must be held responsible for their deeds, Dr.Ahamdinejad asked, “If the US presence in Iraq after toppling Saddam was justified, why then the US forces are leaving Iraq today? Who should be held responsible for the shed bloods and the vast scale destruction? At any rate someone should accept responsibility for these crimes and pay remuneration. Someone should be fined and give guarantees that such mistakes would not be made any more.”

Introducing the criminal of the US invasion to Iraq

President Ahamdinejad said if Mr. Obama really wants to do something useful he must accept the US commitment not to interfere in Iraqi internal affairs anymore and to evacuate the entire US forces from Iraq, while introducing the war criminals to an international court of justice to be tried and punished, in which case terrorism would definitely be uprooted because the terrorists’ pretext is the US presence in Iraq.”

Debate with President Obama

The reporter asked whether it is still possible for President Ahmadinejad to have a debate with the US president.
President replied, “The Iranian nation has always been favoring holding dialogues. During presidency of Mr. Bush we announced readiness to have a debate with him before the TV cameras and today to this possibility exists. We believe the logic of the Iranian nation can be defended at entire international scenes.

Bushehr Nuclear Plant is pollution-free

Elsewhere in the interview regarding the EU countries’ expressed worries about the pollution of the Bushehr Nuclear Reactor president Ahamdinejad referred to the existence of 400 similar reactors in the world, asking how come they do not pollute and this one does?

He said that the BNR is working under the supervision of the IAEA and full security standards are observed in its construction.
Pointing out that the BNR has not begun generating energy yet and it has only received its nuclear fuel, which “is an important move”, he said, “I hope the Russians would in accordance with their commitments put this rector to use in scheduled time, that is a couple of months from now.”

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