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Sep 8, 2010

On Burning Books & Bad ideas !

On Burning Books

The reason we tend to believe book burning is wrong is because we believe the written word is sacred. This is no idolatrous idea. It is a foundational idea of the Judeo-Christian tradition. God spoke the world into existence, and likewise, having Created us in His Image, He gave us the power to speak our identity into existence.

All creation, including the creation of ourselves, begins with the internal language of thought, and proceeds outward from there.

We believe in the Freedom of Speech/Expression, ( we shall have a talk abut that, Pasto ! ) and we believe that such expression is integral to the Freedom of Conscience. In other words, we believe that we manifest our beliefs about ourselves through the medium of words. Or, to put it more strongly, we create ourselves of words.

We believe the written word has the ability to transmit identity, knowledge, culture, love, beauty, family ties, etc. from one generation to another.

And, our progress, since the invention of the printing press, bears out our belief in the power of words.

Burning a book is a stunt. It does nothing to quell the bad idea. Bad ideas can be only be truly defeated with good ideas.

We will never be able to erase bad ideas from the world. Instead, as bad ideas are defeated, they mutate, take on a new combination of attributes, and re-assert themselves, only to be defeated again.

This is the battle of good and evil which is the crux of the world we live in. This is the game we play, and these are the rules of the game. Burning books is like dancing on the sidelines, and expecting that to effect the outcome of the game.

I choose to stay in the game, and fight to win.

You are wrong my friend !

It took two "ANOLA GAYs" to bring a bad idea down !
Nazism was not defeated with Strudel Cakes and Marzipan !...



Hi Guys.
I don't know if it's glinch in Norton but both infidel bloggers and Elder of Zion have a virus warning fronm norton on their feeds page.
It was gone for a while but now it's back.
But on Elder of zion i actually got an attack by the downloader virus.
Perhaps it's something spreading?

1 comment:

Will said...

Hi Alex.
I also don't believe in burning the Koran will be the right thing to do ,as i said before i would rather like to see all these hatefull and violent verses bundled together and burn these.But a global action by all other religions to make a statement that this hatred doesn't belong in the 21 th Century.Renounce violence or face the concequences !