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Sep 8, 2010

How really it all started?...


"Guns started with ideas." You say!
Wrong again!
Tomahawks started with ideas !
Idea was behind the Chinese invention of the fire crackers used in their celebrations of the "Freedom of speech" festivals !...
It was the "Big Chief" a.k.a "Wounded Elbow" who stole a bit of the stuff and stashed it in the hollow handle of his Tomahawk !... And suddenly it went off ! KABOOOM !!!
This is how the Colt 45 was invented !...

Now, how really it all started?...

First of all there was


And a lot of S !

( The whole Univers was created by them ! Remember? )

But they used them only in the jokes,

making the as hell !
That is how came down to Earth !
The "Tools" & "Instruments" like this 'BITCH' ,

came much later !

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