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Sep 26, 2010

"Show us the gold!"

Slim chance for peace deal
The Gold Price Closed at 1294.60 - Another New All Time High
  • In the last two weeks we have seen the U.S. dollar move from $1.2751 to $1.3450 against the Euro. It has also fallen against the Pound, the Yen and the Swiss Franc. The Japanese government via the Bank of Japan is weakening the Yen as we write this.
  • Silver fixed this morning in London at its highest level since October 1980 as gold continues to pressure the $1300 level.
  • Gold broke above $1300 an ounce on Friday and silver ended at a new 30-year high. Whether these gains are sustainable over the near term is impossible to comment on. What can be said is that gold is likely to remain in a long-term uptrend so long as the central banks continue to try and manipulate currency and asset prices, and/or the outlook for fiscal deficits remains worrisome. In other words, gold and silver today serve as both a hedge against the downfall of fiat money and the threat of major sovereign default(s).
  • In 2011, Congressman Ron Paul will introduce a bill in the House of Representatives calling for an audit of the gold held by the Federal Reserve System on behalf of the United States government. If he can successfully promote this bill by the phrase, "Show us the gold!" he will inflict enormous damage on the American Establishment.
What's happenin' ? What's happenin' ?!...


Always On Watch said...

Invest in both bullion and jewelry. I prefer jewelry as I can enjoy showing off my gold. **wink**

Will said...

Hi Alex.
Try concentrating on the stories of "False" gold shipments in the last 6 months.Also interesting the failed arrest of the suspect with hotel view on Fort Knox,who had false currency and observation equipment in his room.
Escape in true Bourne idenity style.