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Aug 31, 2010

Interesting site.

Iran Update 31 Aug 10

These from our friends in Iran. Sanctions are working.

Aug. 30, 2010. Tehran- Manager of an insurance company, who has been included by the sanctions of UN and other countries said: Sanctions are being implemented for many years to the country, but when Iran’s insurance was included, it got worse than before. Before Iran insurance used to be Aksa insurance which issued travel insurances but now Aksa in not recognized and we cannot issue any thing. In the trade also because of Banks sanctions, credits and trading LC cannot be done and this is effected in importing and exporting goods and actually the path to import goods for some factories have been blocked and this have increased to fall down in production and increased unemployment


Aug 29, 2010

Blood libel

Christian myths against Jews 1144
CE to now

Blood libel accusations against Jews:

In 1144 CE, an unfounded rumor began in eastern England, that Jews had kidnapped a Christian child, tied him to a cross, stabbed his head to simulate Jesus' crown of thorns, killed him, drained his body completely of blood, and mixed the blood into matzos (unleavened bread) at time of Passover. The rumor was started by a former Jew, Theobald, who had become a Christian monk. He said that Jewish representatives gathered each year in Narbonne, France. They decided in which city a Christian child would be sacrificed.

The boy involved in the year 1144 hoax became known as St. William of Norwich. Many people made pilgrimages to his tomb and claimed that miracles had resulted from appeals to St. William. The myth shows a complete lack of understanding of mainline Judaism. Aside from the prohibition of killing innocent persons, the Torah specifically forbids the drinking or eating of any form of blood in any quantity. However, reality never has had much of an impact on blood libel myths. This rumor lasted for many centuries; even today it has not completely disappeared. 1

Pope Innocent IV ordered a study in 1247 CE. His investigators found that the myth was a Christian invention used to justify persecution of the Jews. At least 4 other popes subsequently vindicated the Jews. However, the accusations, trials and executions continued. In 1817, Czar Alexander I of Russia declared that the blood libel was a myth. Even that did not stop the accusations against Jews in that country.

"Holy shrines were erected to honor innocent Christian victims, and well into the twentieth century, churches throughout Europe displayed knives and other instruments that Jews purportedly used for these rituals. Caricatures of hunchbacked Jews with horns and fangs were depicted in works of art and carved into stone decorating bridges. Proclaimed by parish priests to be the gospel truth, each recurrence of the blood libel charge added to its credence, thus prompting yet more accusations. This vicious cycle continued to spiral." 7

Nicholl reports that "there are 150 recorded cases of the charge of ritual murder, and many led to massacres of the Jews of the place." 2



"Israeli soldiers are as scared of death
as struggling popular forces welcome it,"

Yeh! That's why the "FLOTILLA" is MANNED by bitches! Right?...

Read Before...........................Read After

Sat Aug 28, 2010 8:42AM

Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani............... I PISS ON YOU !

The Iranian parliament speaker says Israel is on the decline today, adding a new era has emerged where all conflicts are to the detriment of Israel.

"Israeli soldiers are as scared of death as struggling popular forces welcome it," the IRIB quoted Ali Larijani as saying at a conference on unity among students in the Muslim world.

This is while all wars ended in Israel's favor during the previous era, said Larijani. He underlined that in the new era where the Israeli regime faces 'erosion' and 'decline', past mistakes should not be repeated.

"The question of Palestine is not only an Arab issue, but an Islamic and humanitarian one, and all humanity should feel responsible for the destiny of the Palestinian people," the speaker said. He further warned the United States against trying to help Israel at the negotiating table.

"The group preparing to hold talks with Israel should know that this amounts to a historic scandal for them because this regime is on the decline;
they want to take its hand rather than pushing it further down," Larijani underscored.

"The negotiating table is nothing but a way to let the Zionist regime breathe," he said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Larijani took a swipe at Washington for its anti-democratic position. He said the US bangs the drum for democracy, but, in practice, it has adopted the policy of countering democratic nations.

Iran vice president :- 1915 events a 'genocide' !

The mass killings and deportation of Armenians during the waning days of the Ottoman Empire constituted a “genocide,” according to Iranian Vice President Hamid Baghaei.

“A hundred years ago the Ottoman Empire committed genocide against a certain number of Armenians. Although the Ottoman Empire does not exist now, Armenians have demanded official apologies and restitution from Turkey,” IRNA quoted Baghaei as saying.

Baghaei was giving a speech on the damage caused to Iran during World War II when he made the comments, the country’s IRNA news agency reported Wednesday.

In Armenia, Armenian Revolutionary Federation, or Dashnaktsutyun, Political Affairs Director Giro Manoyan reportedly praised the statements made during the conference and said Iranian officials had often used the term “genocide.”

“We should not be surprised that Iranian political officials do not deny the veracity of the genocide,” said Manoyan, adding it was the first time Iran’s vice president has acknowledged it.

The vice president also said Iran would make America, Russia and the United Kingdom abandon their proud feelings, making them understand that Iran was the object of their destruction during World War II.

Baghaei attended an exhibition opening called “Persian Civilization and 2,000 common heritages” in Turkey with Culture and Tourism Minister Ertuğrul Günay in the scope of the “Year of Turkey-Iran Culture” in December 2009.

Guest - Israeli Guy
2010-08-28 13:48:14

Erdogan wanted to get into bed with Iran and abandon the alliance with Israel and the west? This is what you end up with. With allies like Iran, who needs enemies... LOL.


Read the rest HERE

Aug 28, 2010

Gaza express

The "Safe" Passage !... TO HELL !!!

Posted on27 August 2010. NOVANEWS

“A silk purse from a sow’s ear”:

Israel finds a creative solution for a West Bank land confiscation problem

Didi Remez | August 27, 2010 at 10:07 | Categories: Diplomacy | URL:

As always happens when the diplomatic process resumes, the air is filled with talk of economic and infrastructure projects. For the principals, the buzz helps in creating an “atmosphere of progress.” The bureaucrats and businessmen behind the leaks are usually angling for a share of the funding that could accompany a breakthrough. The rush for headlines is uncoordinated, and occasionally provides a glimpse of the motivation actually driving policy. From the lead story of this morning’s Israel Hayom [full translation at bottom of post]:

This story is a classic example of making a silk purse from a sow’s ear. About five years ago, it became apparent that the route planned for the fast railway line between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv passes through two sections that are located over the Green Line, and goes through land belonging to PA residents. The need to confiscate Palestinian land created a legal problem, and after consulting with the attorney general, Civil Administration Director Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai proposed to the Defense Ministry to confiscate the land — but use it for the benefit of the Palestinian public.

This gave rise to the plan to connect Ramallah with the railway track of the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv fast line. The train from Ramallah will connect with the fast line near Mevasseret Tziyon, and from there it will continue northwest to the Modiin area, pass through Ben-Gurion Airport, and then turn south towards Ashkelon, Netivot and Gaza.

Gaza express

Shlomo Cezana, Israel Hayom,

August 27 2010 [front-page; Hebrew original and at bottom of post]

The direct negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will be launched in Washington next week, in which all the core issues will be discussed, including the question of the “safe passage route,” which enables free movement of Palestinians from Gaza to Judea and Samaria. But even the most optimistic of political officials will find it difficult to believe the next story: Israel is quietly planning a railway line from Ramallah to Gaza.

This story is a classic example of making a silk purse from a sow’s ear. About five years ago, it became apparent that the route planned for the fast railway line between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv passes through two sections that are located over the Green Line, and goes through land belonging to PA residents. The need to confiscate Palestinian land created a legal problem, and after consulting with the attorney general, Civil Administration Director Brig. Gen. Yoav Mordechai proposed to the Defense Ministry to confiscate the land — but use it for the benefit of the Palestinian public.

This gave rise to the plan to connect Ramallah with the railway track of the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv fast line. The train from Ramallah will connect with the fast line near Mevasseret Tziyon, and from there it will continue northwest to the Modiin area, pass through Ben-Gurion Airport, and then turn south towards Ashkelon, Netivot and Gaza.

Sources in Israel Railways confirmed the details of the route and added: “Israel Railways is an executive arm of the Transport Ministry and the Finance Ministry. We have received instructions to plan a line between Ramallah and Gaza, which will connect the parts of the PA and enable its residents a quick and safe passage.” It was also said that the plan is in advanced stages of planning and submission.

The plan will enable a Palestinian resident of the territories to board the train in Ramallah and reach Gaza quickly and without roadblocks. In addition, in a future final status agreement the Palestinians will be able to reach Ben-Gurion Airport, and this will enable them to use the services of an international airport.

Due to the mountainous terrain and the necessity for the train to travel without inclines and sharp angles, most of the route passes through tunnels at a total length of about ten kilometers, and on eight bridges that will make it possible to cross riverbeds. In part of the route, the train will use existing tracks. As of now, the only stations where the train will stop and enable passengers to board and alight are Ramallah, Ben-Gurion Airport and Gaza.

In the political echelon, there are those who try to present the plan as an initiative of the professional echelon alone. Transport Minister Yisrael Katz is notable for his silence on the plan, and preferred not to comment on it.

The plan is adamantly opposed by the Environmental Protection Ministry, which is leading the green organizations in its wake, mainly due to the damage to the landscape and creation of huge surpluses of dirt. Environment Minister Gilad Erdan told Israel Hayom that he was working against the plan. “Damage to the environment has no territorial borders and areas of control. Just as we will not waive strict environmental demands in Israeli construction, we will act the same way with Palestinian construction that could damage and destroy natural areas and would have serious environmental consequences,” Erdan said.

The Justice Ministry spokesman said yesterday: “We were told by the Civil Administration in Judea and Samaria that as part of the planned railway route between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem there were two sections that pass through Judea and Samaria. Regarding the two sections, the planning and confiscation processes ended several years ago. In addition, planning processes have ended for two additional sections that serve for access routes and logistical areas, and for these two, confiscation processes have ended for one section and the second is underway.” The Civil Administration stated: “We are the body responsible for regional development within Judea and Samaria. In light of the planning work that the Civil Administration was required to carry out in the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv railway route that passes through Judea and Samaria, the Civil Administration director made the authorization of the plan contingent upon promoting a railway network that will serve the residents of the region in the future.” A senior Civil Administration source added that the guiding line of the plan was the ability to serve Jews and Palestinians alike in the future.


Saudi - 'Hammer Nails' Into Sri Lankan Housemaid

Saudi Arabians and Muslim countries torture employees and systematically abuse women due to influence of Islam religion. Islam should be banned! Doctors remove 19 nails from Sri Lankan maid. A Sri Lankan housemaid whose Saudi employer allegedly embedded 24 nails in her body was recovering in hospital? on Friday after doctors removed 18 of them during a 3 hour surgery. Muslims torture and abuse women; nails into body as punishment and it is common, a systematic abuse of women in Islam.

Ban Islam!

Egypt plans starting nuclear power tender this year

CAIRO, Aug 7 (Reuters) - Egypt plans to start an international bidding process this year for its first nuclear energy plant, Electricity and Energy Minister Hassan Younes told state-owned al-Ahram newspaper.

The Arab world's most populous country is aiming to shift away from oil and gas to other sources and has said it wants to build four nuclear power plants by 2025, with the first to start operating in 2019.

Officials hope the new nuclear programme will add capacity of up to 4,000 megawatts by 2025.

'Egypt's nuclear project is progressing steadily and we expect to start the tender before the end of this year,' Younes told the daily newspaper in an interview published on Saturday.

The ministry has invited several firms for consultancy and project briefings, such as the French nuclear reactor maker Areva , engineering group Alstom and Westinghouse Electric Co, he added.

The government was also looking to Korean and Japanese firms. In June, Russia's atomic energy corporation Rosatom briefed Egyptian energy officials on Russian nuclear power plant technology and design in a two-day workshop.

Last year, Egypt signed a deal with Australia's WorleyParsons for a nuclear power consultancy.

The firm was due to begin looking into potential locations for the plant, Egypt's first, including updating studies on the Dabaa site on the Mediterranean coast, where Egypt planned to build a power station in the 1980s.

Younes said the studies had concluded that Dabaa was the most suitable location.

'The project is moving ahead on time. Internationally, it takes 8 to 10 years for such projects to bear fruit in developing countries and 12 to 15 in countries where nuclear projects are being set up for the first time,' he added.

Is Erdinç Tekir’in a Chechin name ?



Avrasya’dan Mavi Marmara’ya

Mavi Marmara baskınında yaralanan yardım gönüllüsü Erdinç Tekir’in 1996’da Avrasya Feribotu’nu kaçıran 9 kişilik ekipte yer aldığı ortaya çıktı. Soçi’ye giden feribotu kaçıran eylemciler, yoğun pazarlık sonucu gemiyi İstanbul’a getirip teslim olmuştu.
??????' ????GAZZE’ye yardım götürürken Akdeniz’de İsrail komandolarının kanlı baskınına sahne olan Mavi Marmara Gemisi’nde, Avrasya Feribotu’nu kaçıran ekipte yer alan ve 8 yıl 10 ay 20 gün hapis cezasına hüküm giyen Hacerat kod adlı Erdinç Tekir’in de olduğu ve yaralandığı belirlendi. Tekir, saldırıdan hemen önce ikiz kızları olduğunu ve gönüllü olarak Mavi Marmara’ya bindiğini söyledi. Tekir, “Daha önceki olay nedeniyle 3,5 yıl 8 ayrı cezaevinde yattım. Son olarak Bolu’nun Seben Kapalı Cezaevi’nden tahliye olduktan sonra yardım gönüllüleri arasına katıldım. Gemiye yönelik saldırı sırasında yaralandım. 36 saat kadar İsrail’de hapishanede kaldıktan sonra Türkiye’ye gönderildim” dedi. Tekir, karşılıklı görüşme istemimizi ise, “Ramazan nedeniyle işlerimiz çok yoğun. Ramazan’dan sonra yine arayın, o zaman değerlendiririz” diyerek, kabul etmedi.
8 yıl 10 ay ceza yedi
Trabzon’dan Rusya’nın Soçi Kentine giden Avrasya Feribotu 16 Ocak 1996 tarihinde Mustafa Tokcan’ın liderliğindeki 9 kişilik silahlı bir grup tarafından kaçırılmıştı. Eylemciler gemi içindeki 177 yolcu ve 55 mürettebatı rehin aldıktan sonra uluslararası kamuoyuna Rusya’nın tutukladığı 250 Çeçen’in serbest bırakılmasını istediklerini duyurmuşlardı. Karadeniz’de yol alan Avrasya Feribotu, MİT ve diğer istihbarat birimlerinin 9 kişilik grupla yaptığı görüşmeler sonrasında 19 Ocak 1996’ta İstanbul’a getirilmişti. Tokcan ve 9 kişilik eylemci grup tutuklanmıştı. Erdinç Tekir, 7 Mart 1997’de İstanbul 3 No’lu Devlet Güvenlik Mahkemesi’nce 8 yıl 10 ay 20 gün ağır hapis cezasına çarptırılmıştı. Tekir, 8 ayrı cezaevinde toplam 3,5 yıl hapis yatmıştı. Son olarak Bolu Seben’deki kapalı cezaevinden tahliye olduktan sonra bir süre Düzce’de kalmıştı.


Eurasian Blue Marmara


Erdinc volunteers help injured Marmara dominant blue mullet Eurasia Ferry's 1996 kidnapping of nine people who appeared to take place in the team. The activists miss the ferry to go to Sochi, a result of intensive negotiations, and surrendered the ship to Istanbul.

Gaza relief while in the Mediterranean Israeli commandos of the bloody raid was the scene of the Blue Marmara Ships in Eurasia ferry the kidnapping teams in the field and 8 years 10 months 20 days imprisonment for convicted Hacerat codenamed Erdinç Tomcat's well and that the injured was determined. Tabby cat, was attacked just before the twin daughters and thousands of volunteers for the Blue Marmara said. Mullet, "because the previous 3.5 years, eight separate incidents in prison, I went to bed. Finally, after release from prison of Bolu Seben closed between aid volunteers have participated. Ship for the wounded during the attack. 36 hours in jail after their stay in Israel was sent to Turkey, "he said. Mullet, if our clients face to face, "because of Ramadan job is too intense. Search again after Ramadan, then we'll assess the "well, did not accept.

8 year 10 month sentence of seven

Russia's Sochi to Trabzon city on January 16, 1996 at the Eurasia Ferry nine persons in the leadership of Mustafa Tokcan was kidnapped by an armed group. The 177 passengers and 55 crew of activists inside the vessel after receiving a pledge that the international community to arrest 250 of Russia's Chechnya had announced their wish to be released. Eurasia Ferry roads in the Black Sea area, MIT and other intelligence agencies that the nine-person group discussions were brought to Istanbul after the January 19 1996'ta. Tokcan and activist groups had been arrested nine persons. Erdinc mullet, 7 March 1997 Istanbul State Security Court No. 3 to 8 years 10 months 20 days had been sentenced to heavy imprisonment. Tabby, a total of eight separate prison was jailed for 3.5 years. Bolu Seben finally closed in the period after release from prison had been in Duzce.

Aug 27, 2010

Heinrich Heine

"Crapola Majoris"

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Aug 26, 2010

"Blogy" crossed 10,000 today !

"Blogy" crossed 10,000 today !

Site Meter:- Visits 017616 Visitors 009999

Israel Time Aug 26, 2010 21:46:47

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Will said...

Hi Alex.
Thanks for the order,but what does J.I.Z.F.I. stands for ?
Just an Internet Zealot Freaking Infidel?


THIS IS SCARY ! Brrrrr !...

Dash them against the rock !

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Aug 25, 2010

"Israel is a Scum State!"

Good news Frankie!

Does it mean that from now on we can enter your pub ?... Drink a couple of cold-ones you know and have a chat or two about the miserable souls who ere desperately trying to get into the "land of scum" despite being shot and killed by "scum haters"...
We could 'stretch' the conversation and discus the Enigma, how come this "scum state" called Israel, is at the bottom of the list of countries with the lowest rates of suicide such as Greece, and Mexico !... While Finland has been seen as a world leader in people taking their own lives !
I could go on and on deep into the night, but I shall put an and to it right now !
You don't deserve a second more !

Mohamed ! What have you lost down there?

The Mufti is DIGGING !

Mohamed ! What have you lost down there?

Q - Did you find any archeological artifact from the time of the second Temple ?

A - No,No, No !!! Nothing Zionist ! " Kul, Kul, Kul - Islami ! " " 100 / 100 Arab ! " ...

Q - And what did you find ? Can you show us a sample?

A - Yes,Yes ! Plenty, Plenty ! With this sling our King Daud (Alihu A Salam) , Killed the Zionist giant Gila'ad !

And this is the crown of our beloved King Suleiman (Alihu A Salam) ! He had it on his head while writing the psalms in the holly Qur'an !

Q - And what is this strange looking instrument on a stand with seven bent pipes sticking out from it ?

A - Ah ! That's the Palestinian first prototype of the home made "Az A Din Al Qassam" rocket launcher !

Are you a Muslim or not !?...

Click picture to enlarge

Aug 24, 2010

A New Vision for Muslims and the West.

Unbelievable. You're not going to guess what our tax dollars are subsidizing. Actually, in this ObamaNation, maybe you will guess it. It turns out that you and I are funding the State Department to purchase and distribute copies of Feisal Abdul Rauf's book, What's Right With Islam: A New Vision for Muslims and the West.
Rauf is the imam behind the Ground Zero mosque and is the same imam who won't condemn Hamas as a terrorist organization; the same imam who said on “60 Minutes” that America was an "accessory" to September 11; and, as we reported at HUMAN EVENTS, the same imam who told a college audience overseas that the United States is worse than al Qaeda.
Yep, that dude. And not only has the State Department anointed him as our ad hoc ambassador to the Muslim world, but now they are acting as his personal Barnes & Noble to boot. Good grief! Buried in a recent New York Times article on Imam Rauf's global hopscotch, the paper casually referenced that our government buys his tome in an effort "to lecture about tolerance" and pursue "interfaith dialogue" with Islamic nations.
Only in the left's strange world does it make sense to support Imam Rauf as a goodwill spokesman for the United States while he's busy trashing the United States. But that aside, did the bureaucrats at the State Department ever take the time to read Rauf's What's Right with Islam? If so, they'll have to justify why they're promoting a book that faults America for stirring up conflict with Muslims, brags that America is "Sharia compliant," and makes excuses for suicide bombings.

Researchers at the American Center for Law and Justice combed through Rauf's 2004 book and found alarming passages. In the Orwellian-named chapter “What's Right with America,” Rauf goes on to—you guessed it—blame America. He writes: "If there is any quarrel Muslims have with America, it is that the United States does not always live up to its own ideal of ethics and values." In the same chapter, Rauf has a section called “America: A Sharia-Compliant State” wherein he contends that the "American political structure is Sharia compliant," especially if it begins to allow "religious communities more leeway to judge among themselves according to their own laws."

As if that weren't bad enough, our bud Rauf goes on to rationalize suicide bombings by blaming societal roots and not the warped Islamic fanatics themselves. Quoth the imam: "The most widely accepted view today in psychoanalysis is that suicide is most often a form of 'displacement.'… the individual inflicts upon himself the result of the frustration and anger caused by the perceived unraveling of the social fabric of his world."

Sounds exactly like the kind of guy best to represent American interests abroad, no? If you disagree, you're probably an Islamophobic racist!

The " WANABE " Gamal !

In new posters, Mubarak's son for Egypt president?

AP: Posters have sprouted up around Egypt promoting President Mubarak's younger son as the country's next leader, in the most overt campaign yet for a controversial father-son succession. For the last decade, it has been believed that Gamal Mubarak was being groomed to succeed his 82-year-old father, who has ruled Egypt for nearly 30 years. But the idea of father-son succession has raised deep opposition among many Egyptians. The posters suggest Gamal's supporters within the party are making a push to shore up his position with the most public campaign to date in support of his candidacy. The signs, some touting the business suit-wearing Gamal as "the dream of the poor," appeared around Cairo and other cities over the past few weeks. Campaign leaders are also collecting signatures for a "Yes to Gamal" petition. While the ruling National Democratic Party strongly denied any connection between the party and the pro-Gamal campaign, a party official privately told AP that "these posters were meant to be a trial balloon for Gamal's popularity in the street," he said on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the subject.

The Original

Mubarak (The Father), spent 25 years in the Air Force. He taught at the Air Academy and commanded Egypt's bomber force in the Yemen civil war in the 1960s ( CHEMICALS !... ). He visited the Soviet Union on several occasions and spent a year at the Soviet's Frunze military academy. He spoke Russian and English in addition to Arabic.

President Gamal Abdel Nasser named Mubarak director of the Air Academy in 1967, giving him the crucial task of rebuilding the air force, which the Israelis had destroyed on the ground in the Six Day War of June 1967. Mubarak moved up to Air Force chief-of-staff in 1969, and in 1972 he became its commander-in-chief. He helped plan the successful surprise attack on the Israeli forces occupying the east bank of the Suez Canal on October 6, 1973, launching the Yom Kippur War.

Gamal Abdel Nasser ( Quotes )
  • The genius of you Americans is that you never make clear-cut stupid moves, only complicated stupid moves which make the rest of us wonder at the possibility that we might be missing something.
  • I have been a conspirator for so long that I mistrust all around me.
  • There is no longer a way out of our present situation except by forging a road toward our objective, violently and by force, over a sea of blood and under a horizon blazing with fire.
  • They defended the grains of sand in the desert to the last drop of their blood.
  • We're a sentimental people. We like a few kind words better than millions of dollars given in a humiliating way.
  • Nasser's Copyright:- "What was taken by force, can only be restored by force." ( 101 Km from Cairo!... )
  • While working in Factory 36 (Aircraft Factory at Helwan), I had trained two Egyptian Air Force officers as test pilots. They were good at their new job. The two of them were doing most of the test flying of the HA-300 when they were suddenly withdrawn to help Egypt prepare for war. Before becoming a test pilot, Lt Col Zuhair Shalaby was already an exceptionally good operational pilot with considerable experience and plenty of courage. The other test pilot, Major Sobhy El Tawil was in fact an aeronautical engineer who had neglected to let the Air Force know of this qualification. He became a highly educated and thinking fighter pilot in the squadron. For the war preparations Zuhair was given the job of getting a MiG-17 unit geared up for operations. Sobhy's secret had been out long ago. He was asked to get as many fighter aircraft airworthy as was humanly possible. The actual trigger for the war was the closure of the Straits of Tirana, which meant denial of Elat port to Israel, its only outlet into the Red Sea. When rumblings of war started in Israel, President Nasser replied simply,"Ahlan-wa-Sahlan" meaning you are welcome to one. He assumed that Egypt along with other Arab nations in a joint operation was ready to annihilate Israel. Yet Egyptians were to soon find that they had missed out on some very important precautions before inviting Israel to engage in a do or die war.
Not a single Muslim VIP ever used this phrase again since then!
(In connection with Israel...)

That's why I love this guy :-

Try to say the same thing using your own words and see what comes out !...

That's why I love this guy :-

As a result of my experience, I developed, in age, an aversion to romantic myths. Instead I was seized with a hunger for information - for the facts that would reveal to me the truth about the years I was a member of a heroic vanguard. The fall of the Communist empire and the opening of its secrets have fed this passion. Preserved in the decoded Venona communications between Soviet agents in America and their contacts in the Kremlin is the record of the truths we had denied, and whose denial made our romance possible. The truths revealed that we were just what our enemies had always said we were.There were spies among us, and cold-blooded agents for a tainted cause. And all of us, it could no longer be denied, had treason in our hearts in the name of a future that would never come.

In the battle of good and evil that formed the core of our romantic myth, we had enlisted - New and Old left alike - on the wrong side of the historical conflict. We had set out as the proud harbingers of a progressive future. But what we had actually created were realities far worse than those we were seeking to escape. The enemies we scorned patriots defending America - turned out to be the protectors of what was decent and pragmatically good, who had saved us from being consumed by our crimes.

It became clear to me that the world was not going to be changed into anything very different or better from what it had been. On this earth there would be no kingdom of freedom where swords would be turned into plowshares and lions would lay down with lambs. It should have been obvious when I began. Many things change, but people fundamentally do not. Otherwise how could Shakespeare, or writers more ancient, capture in their creations a reality that we recognize, and that still moves us today?

Are your hands clean ?

Ground Zero Imam Says U.S. Worse than al-Qaeda

An Open Letter to the Palestinians

New Zealand - Home of author of letter, David White

by: David White
Sunday, August 1, 2010

An Open Letter to the Palestinians

Why people should NOT support you.

Speaking Truth to the Powerless:
Greetings to any Palestinian who may be reading this. My name is David White. I am a citizen of New Zealand, a small, Western, nominally Christian country in the South Pacific Ocean. I am not Jewish, or Christian, I guess I'm vaguely agnostic. Writing this letter is a good way for me to discuss the horrible mess in the Middle East, spell out as many relevant points as possible concerning the state of the Palestinian people and to see what can be made of them. I don't speak Arabic, so I can only communicate with English-speaking Palestinians.

There aren't many Palestinians here in New Zealand, though, and I haven't yet met any. I don't know how many will ever see these words, but, here's hoping someone does. I have a post-graduate university education and I suppose I could be called an intellectual. Unfortunately, many such people have supported abhorrent ideologies such as Nazism, and continue to support Communism, so I refuse to describe myself in this way. I don't want to considered as just another "trendy leftie" academic, as we would say in New Zealand. So, unlike many university-educated types, I am anti-totalitarian, pro-peace up to a point, pro-democracy, pro-capitalism (except the capitalists running Enron), and skeptical about the "cult of victim-hood." I'm quite safe here in New Zealand and no-one I know has been killed by a Palestinian.

My perspective of Palestinians is something like this - you're Arabs (of course), mostly Muslim, but with a Christian minority. Many of you live outside Gaza/West Bank, mostly in Jordan and other Muslim countries, with some groups living in Western countries as well. You feel that you have been wronged by Israel and are fighting to destroy them.

As for my perspective on Israel, I see them like this. They are a mainly Jewish, small, free-market democracy with a large Arab minority surrounded by hostile Arab dictatorships. They have an ancestral claim to Israel, their state was created as a refuge from persecution, they have a right to exist, and, having survived a holocaust in Europe, they should not have to sit still and wait for another one in the Middle East.

A Down Under Overview
Over the last few months, the conflict in the disputed territories of Gaza and the West Bank has turned into a war between the Palestinian people and Israel. (I will not apologize for using the term "disputed," as I believe it reflects a rather complicated situation more accurately than "occupied").

Your interpretation, as far as I can tell, seems to be something like this: You have no state of your own, and you are fighting a war against those you call "Zionist oppressors" and "colonial imperialists" in order to create a Palestinian state. Accusations of massacre and human rights violations by the Israeli Army are being tossed around like confetti. Your leader, Yasser Arafat, vows to "martyr" himself rather than "surrender," and that bungling and incompetent organization, the United Nations (again, no apologies for venting personal opinions), is trying to do what it is constitutionally incapable of doing, i.e. "saving future generations from the scourge of war."

The Israelis see things differently, of course. For them, it's a simple battle for survival. They offered you a state, and you attacked them instead. They have occupied Palestinian towns, have fought it out with various armed groups, and desperate attempts are being made by the US, other Arab countries and the UN to break the so-called "cycle of violence." As a result, the Palestinian situation at the moment, generally, can be explained by putting it into New Zealand idiom.

Put bluntly, the Palestinian people are buggered. Munted. Stuffed. Rooted. (American equivalent: screwed, British equivalent: done over). It's like this: Yasser Arafat turned down the Israeli offer of a Palestinian homeland in Gaza and the West Bank. You want, or Arafat claims that you want, a Palestine "from the river to the sea." in other words, "all or nothing."

There is one insuperable obstacle to this- Israel. No matter how eloquent your arguments or numerous your martyrs, no matter how many European diplomats are angered by, or UN resolutions are passed against, Israel, the Israelis are not going to pack up and leave. The only way you will get the Palestinian state you want is to destroy Israel.

This is what you have been trying to do since 1948, and the current "Intifada" launched in 2000 is your latest effort. However, the Israelis are not standing there and letting you kill them. They are fighting back, and if they have to choose between their own survival and yours, guess which choice they'll make.

That has been the overall response to the disaster you have created for yourselves. You, the Palestinian Arabs, are obviously hoping for some kind of international intervention to save you. As we in New Zealand would say, "Get Real!"

A Great Wringing of Hands - A Great Fluttering of Diplomats
The European Union [EU] and the UN have demonstrated on numerous occasions in the past their incompetence and total incapacity to take any sort of firm action without American leadership. Ask your Muslim brothers of Bosnia-Herzegovina, about how effective the EU and the UN were in protecting them without American intervention. In spite of the impression that American diplomatic efforts have created, the US will not take sides against Israel, and will eventually abandon its futile attempts at evenhandedness. If they do join forces militarily with Israel in their war against terrorism, your fighters will be snuffed out like candle flames.

As for your "beloved Arab brothers" in the Middle East...
...they make a great deal of noise about your "liberation struggle", and have sent money and arms, but have not sent a single tank to save you. Their diplomatic proposals are ones that could have been offered at any time, and are aimed at benefiting them, not Palestinians. The Egyptians themselves will not declare war on Israel unless they receive $100 billion to cover their costs.

Do you really believe that the rest of your Arab Muslim brothers think you are worth that much? Do you really believe they will put your interests ahead of their own? Although your friends and Arabs in Europe are passing sanctions and burning synagogues in your support, not a single EU warship has sailed to your aid, and not a single NATO aircraft has dropped a single bomb on your "Zionist oppressors".

I have noted that large numbers of people, including university educated intellectuals support the Palestinian cause. Don't be misled by this. No matter how many western intellectuals, news media and international organizations may support the Palestinian struggle, none of this matters because America stands by Israel.

The Unbearable of Life
How did you get into such a mess? As you yourselves would say and have indeed said on many occasions, it isn't your fault. It's always the "Great Satan" America, and it's "Lesser Satan", Israel, that you blame for all your woes. Everything that you do, such as your "martyrdom operations," are described as the products of your "rage" at being "dispossessed of your land," and of your "helplessness" in the face of "Zionist" might.

There are only 300 million Arabs against over 5 million Jews! How unfair! How unjust, that so many can do so little against so few! A number of Western commentators have put Arab failures down to numerous cultural factors, not the least being Islam. Your religious beliefs in martyrdom and jihad, coupled with a total inability to accept any blame for your own predicament, have combined to do you great and lasting damage.

Look closely at why Western countries such as Israel have succeeded and Muslim countries have not. Western countries are free-market democracies. Muslim countries (other than Turkey) aren't. Surely that should tell you something!

As I said, I do not, and I will not, support the Palestinian cause. Why not? I have a number of reasons, and here they are:
1. You have made it clear beyond any shadow of doubt that you intend to destroy Israel and kill or drive out its Jewish population. This is genocide, pure and simple. You justify this by saying that Israel has committed many crimes against your people, and that you seek "justice." I say this in response- NOTHING WHATSOEVER is an acceptable justification for genocide. Loss of land, humiliation at being militarily defeated - others have suffered these and moved on to create new nations and opportunities for themselves.

Examples abound- the Germans thrown out of East Prussia in Europe, 1945, the Nationalist Chinese who fled to Taiwan in 1949, to name but two. Germans and Taiwanese have coped with military defeat and the loss of land. They haven't warred with their neighbors, nor have they launched terrorist attacks upon them. Both countries have more wealth than any Arab nation. Why can't Palestinians cope? Are Germans and Chinese better able to deal with adversity than Arabs?

2. You have accused the Israelis of "genocide" against you. Here's a question for you: Israel has atomic bombs and powerful military forces. If they really, truly wanted you all dead, they could easily do it. Why haven't they? If the Israelis went all-out, you would be, as we say in New Zealand, "dog tucker". Why did they spend so much time negotiating with your leaders? Because Israel wants peace and secure borders. You refuse to give them even those. You plan genocide and accuse Israel of the same crime. Prove it!

3. The use of terrorism. Killing people for being Jewish is despicable. Terrorist attacks on innocent civilians are also despicable. At this point, I'd like to pause and get a question of nomenclature cleared up, regarding those Palestinians who kill themselves and others with explosives strapped to their bodies. You call them "martyrs." Western media sources and academics debate the precise term to use in describing them. Others, including the Israelis, call them terrorists.

I have a better, more appropriate term. I prefer to use the word "kamikazes." The original kamikazes appeared in 1944, in the war in the Pacific. They were Japanese Navy and Army pilots, organized into "Special Attack Units" with orders to crash their planes into American warships, in the hope of destroying them - "one plane, one ship". Their initial impact was similar to that of the Al-Quaeda attacks on New York and the Pentagon- shock and horror. (I noted that many Palestinians appeared on Western TV celebrating the September attacks). Note: The American response, in both cases was not the one hoped for.

Once the shock had worn off, the US set out to destroy the kamikazes, and terrible destruction was rained down on Japan, ending only with 2 atomic bombs. You know what is happening right now in Afghanistan to the Al-Quaeda group.

4. Using children as suicide bombers. Anyone who teaches children to kill themselves in suicide attacks is not worth supporting under any circumstances. For you to do this to your children is an abomination. A commentator on a Web magazine said that if the Palestinians laid down their arms, they would get peace and land. If the Israelis laid down their arms, they would be killed. You know that is true, even if most of Europe doesn't. Your cause is evil, because it seeks destruction at any price. Genocide is not justice. Sacrificing your own children for the sake of your leader's personal ambitions is wicked.

That's why I cannot support you. That's why I stand with Israel.

Palestinian Past or Future?
The Second World War in Europe ended with Hitler's suicide. He was replaced by Admiral Doenitz who quickly made peace with the Allies. Japan's leader, Emperor Hirohito, decided on surrender rather than see his nation destroyed. If Arafat chooses surrender, though, will the rest of the Palestinians go along with it? If he dies, will the war end? If the answer to both of these questions is No, then the Palestinian people are doomed. Do you really prefer death as a people? Do you fully comprehend what you are doing? If you are indeed aware that the path you have embarked on leads to destruction, and if you have freely chosen to walk in that direction, then as a people you are truly beyond hope.

Are Palestinians really going to be a "Kamikaze Nation?"
Are you really going to give Israel no other option except your destruction? If they must choose, then as Israeli historian Martin Van Creveld said, "better a terrible end than terror without end."
Do not think that kamikaze tactics can get you what you want. The Israelis can tell you all about Masada, if you ask them. Remember what happened to the Japanese at places like Okinawa and Iwo Jima. Palestinians deserve better than the current mess you are in now - but before you can be given anything, you must offer a sincere peace, you must stop teaching your children to hate, you must stop believing that "victim-hood" justifies everything and - above all other things - GIVE UP ISRAEL! Accept that you will never go there again except perhaps as workers or tourists. Accept that Jews are human beings. Accept the verdict of 1948 and learn to live with it.

Invest in banks, not bombs. Build computer chips, not Kalashnikovs. Teach science and mathematics, not hate. Look to the future, not the past. Stop blaming Americans and Jews for all your problems, and take responsibility for your own actions. Read those parts in the Quran about living with the "peoples of the Book."

Golda Meir, the former Israeli Prime minister, is quoted as saying, " There will be peace in the Middle East only when the Arabs love their children more than they hate Israel ." Every time I see pictures of Palestinian children waving guns and wearing dummy explosives, then I can only say she is right. The alternative to peace is not victory but death. Think about it- before it's too late.

David White
Auckland, New Zealand