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Sep 7, 2010

Muslims Anticipate Federal Action to Protect [...] - WTF !!!


Muslims Seek Obama Protection from Criticism- signs of Sharia?- Obama News

Will Obama protect his Muslim brothers?

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Muslims Want Holder To Muzzle Their Critics- William Collier- FREEDOMIST

Farhana Khera, president and executive director of “Muslim Advocates”, a front group for the Pan-Islamic movement in America, sat down in late August 2010 with Eric Holder’s “Justice Department” to urge Holder’s people to go after what he termed “hate speech” against Muslims.
Citing anecdotal evidence of random acts of violence against Muslims, Khera urged the US to “prosecute” those who “speak hate” against Islam. Khera failed to mention the 911 terror attacks by his coreligionists in the Pan-Islamic movement, the Fort Hood Massacre, the attempted Times Square bombing, or numerous other acts of Pan-Islamic violence which are encouraged by Pan-Islamic hate speech against Americans in Saudi-funded mosques across the US every Friday.

Holder, who dropped charges against Pan-Islamic “New Black Panther Party” members whose anti-white and anti-American hate speech against voters in Philadelphia (at a polling station) are on video, is likely to fall in line behind Khera and give a positive answer to his request to silence speech against Islam under the cover of “hate crimes.” This is a tactic used by the Homosexual extremists who seek to impose a “normalization” of their deviant behavior over those for whom such behavior is reprehensible, especially by compelling schools to brainwash children, against their parent’s wishes, to “explore” such behavior themselves.

Is there a connection between the homosexual movement and the Pan-Islamic movement? The two movements seem to be working hand in hand in America, but it is this just a coincidence or is there more to this than one might expect? MORE on this is forthcoming!

The continued cooperation between environmental extremists, homosexual extremists, so-called “Progressives” and the Pan-Islamic movement has some baffled as each of these groups has its own interests that appear to diverge from the others, however all such groups tend towards obscuring standards of common decency and family-oriented virtue often to the benefit of a few rich men at the expense of women and the poor.

Meanwhile, the Pan-Islamic Movement in America is pushing hard to use hate crimes laws to criminalize opponents of Islam, and Khera, as a mouthpiece for the Pan-Islamic movement, is leading the charge!

In an incredibly Orwellian bit of doublespeak, considering the ideology he represents, Khera claimed, “Unfortunately, this very escalating trend of hate speech in the country has now transformed into actual acts of violence and the attorney general, as the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, has an obligation to really enforce the laws, including the hate crime laws and holding those that engage in hate crimes responsible.”

By the terms of US hate crimes laws, Khera’s own manifesto, the Koran, is in and of itself a manual for hate against Christians, Jews, and all non-believers and if it is followed faithfully can only lead to war, oppression, and lots of hate.

While the Journolist Media is focusing on this issue from the Pan-Islamists perspective, presenting their bias against Christianity and America as if it is objective reporting, this same Journolist Media is ignoring the growing anti-Christian and anti-American rhetoric, hate speech, and violence from within Saudi-funded Pan-Islamic groups and mosques operating on US soil.

By Anwar Iqbal
Sunday, 08 Nov, 2009
Muslim organisations in the US complained that they have received dozens of death threats and hate e-mails. — Photo by AFP

WASHINGTON: President Barack Obama stressed on Saturday that people of all faiths, including Muslims, served the US military, as mosques across America sought police protection.

On Thursday, a Muslim psychiatrist in the US Army, Maj Nidal Malik Hasan, killed 13 and wounded 30 people at the Fort Hood military base. And on Saturday, the US media warned that the shootings could likely post the sternest test for US Muslims since the Sept 11 terrorist attacks.

Officials at the White House told reporters that the shootings had deeply troubled President Obama who had made repairing US relations with the Islamic world an important element of his foreign policy. US policy makers now fear that a possible public backlash against Muslims may further complicate an already difficult task.

In his weekly address on Saturday, President Obama focussed on an immediate concern: preventing religious tensions within the US armed forces, emphasising that the military employed people of all races and creeds.

‘They are Americans of every race, faith, and station. They are Christians and Muslims, Jews and Hindus and non-believers,’ said Mr Obama as media reports indicated that US armed forces employed as many as 10,000 Muslims.

‘They are descendents of immigrants and immigrants themselves. They reflect the diversity that makes this America,’ the US president noted.

‘What they share is a patriotism like no other. What they share is a commitment to the country that has been tested and proved worthy.’

In Washington, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, Indiana, North and South Carolinas, New York and in several other states, mosques asked police for extra patrols. Some made their own security arrangements.

‘I went for Juma prayers today and was shocked that the masjid doors were locked from the inside and they had a camera pointed at the door to monitor the visitors,’ a Los Angeles resident, Sabahat Tanvir, told Dawn.

At some places in California, authorities have already deployed police officers outside mosques as a precaution.

Congressman Andre Carson, one of two Muslims in the US Congress, warned Americans at a news conference in Washington not to focus on the gunman’s religion.

‘This is no way a reflection of Islam any more than Timothy McVeigh’s actions are a reflection of Christianity,’ said Carson, who supervised an anti-terrorism unit in Indiana’s Department of Homeland Security and comes from a family of Marines.

Yet Muslim organisations complained that they had received dozens of death threats and hate e-mails since Saturday.

‘We do fear a backlash every time an Arab or a Muslim is found involved in an incident like this,’ said Imam Mohammed Abdullahi, of the Muslim Community Centre in Silver Spring, Maryland. Major Hasan attended this mosque before moving to Fort Hood.

In his Friday sermon, Imam Abdullahi urged worshippers to tell their non-Muslim neighbours that what happened was the act of an individual, not of a community.

Yet Bruce Hoffman, professor of security studies at Georgetown University, saw a pattern behind such attacks. ‘I’m not saying it’s part of an organised campaign or a systematic strategy, but we’re seeing a sea change when we have once a month a plot that is related somehow to Afghanistan, Iraq, or what these people see is a war against Islam,’ he told the Washington Post. ‘It’s too easy to dismiss them as unstable individuals when they have expressed strong religious beliefs with politics.’

Robert Salaam, a blogger and former US Marine who converted to Islam shortly after 9/11, warned that one man’s actions would affect all Muslims.

‘The actions of this mad man cost us, the many Muslims who have served this country honourably over the years, so much,’ he wrote. ‘Already our military loyalties, our honour, and our integrity are being questioned.’

He noted that some non-Muslims still believed that ‘an entire religious community shares responsibility for the actions of one guy that we didn’t even know existed until Thursday.’

All major US Muslim organisations urged Americans Muslims to be vigilant, both at home and at mosques.

The Council on American Islamic Relations, the Muslim American Society, the Muslim Public Affairs Council-DC, the Islamic Society of North America Office for Interfaith and Community Alliances and the American Muslim Armed Forces and Veterans Affairs Council and many others denounced the shooting as ‘a barbaric act of violence’ and urged other Americans not to blame an entire religion for the actions of one individual.


Always On Watch said...

The BHO administration is more concerned about the welfare of Moslems than about all the trouble going on in our border states.

Will said...

Hi Alex.
Only one man ever solved the Muslim problem in his country "Stalin".He had many faults but this he did the right way!