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Sep 22, 2010

Soaring over Israel's Panoramic Scenery

Soaring over Israel's Panoramic Scenery

Israel is a place, a way of life, faith, religion,heritage, a dream, hope, coping, pioneering, scenery and man. It is the past, war and peace, agriculture, fauna and flora, coexistence, an experience.
Israel may be a tiny country but the more one visits it the more one discovers its many, wondrous layers.
Israel is teeming with exciting vistas, rare historical sites and a variegated human encounter with various heritages. Wars and a fragile coexistence - a pioneering spirit, hopes, dreams and their realization.
Israel features a broad kaleidoscope of scenery, from snow in the Hermon with its plentiful sources of water in Jordan and Hermonim, to the arid, stark scenery of the Judean Desert and the Negev.
The land is strewn with historical sites, which are being revealed even now, and its archaeological treasures grow ever richer. We are regularly informed of new revelations that shed light on the amazing history of this ancient land, which is constantly being rebuilt - at times shrunken and at others gracefully embellished, with an ever-changing face.

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Baha'i gardens - Haifa

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Will said...

Hi Alex.
Thank you for showing this!:)
Have to do something with this!:)
Just need to find time?lol