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Sep 24, 2010

Why did Obama go to Church?

Why did Obama go to Church?

To Listen to a Muslim Speak!

September 21, 2010 by Roberto Santiago

And embrace your future!

So, why do you think Barack Obama and family really went to church on Sunday?

The mainstream media won’t tell you, but Obama went to St. John’s Episcopal Church to hear a MUSLIM GUEST SPEAKER!

via Bare Naked Islam ( you are the best! )

The Post Email Yesterday, on Sunday, September 19, 2010, the Obama family attended church for only the third time in a year. They went on foot to the St. John’s Episcopal Church situated across the Lafayette Park.

But what is widely not reported by the White House and the MSM is that on that particular Sunday in that particular church, Dr. Ziad Asali, M.D., a Muslim, founder and president of the American Task Force on Palestine, was the guest speaker. He was there to speak on the subject of “Prospects of the two-state solution in the Middle-East.”

According to the website of the American Task Force on Palestine, it is a “non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Washington, DC.” The organization describes itself as “dedicated to advocating that it is in the American national interest to promote an end to the conflict in the Middle East through a negotiated agreement that provides for two states – Israel and Palestine – living side by side in peace and security.”

Dr. Ziad J. Asali is described as “a long-time activist on Middle East issues” who has testified to both chambers of Congress about Palestinian interests, increased U.S. aid to the Palestinian Authority, and “Israel’s disproportionate use of force” in Gaza. A retired physician, Asali received his early medical training at the American University of Beirut. He previously served as President of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) and Chairman of the American Committee on Jerusalem (ACJ), which he also co-founded He also served as the President of the Arab-American University Graduates (AAUG). H/T Another Infide

1 comment:

Will said...

But Who's Ziad J. Asali the guest speaker at the St. John’s Episcopal Church?He is among other things President and Founder, American Task Force on Palestine and he also figures on the board of the U.S.-Muslim Engagement Project.Among the members of the organisation are : Surprise!Daisy Khan, Executive Director, American Society for Muslim Advancement and Feisal Abdul Rauf, Imam, Masjid al-Farah in New York City; Founder and Chairman, Cordoba Initiative; author of What’s Right with Islam Is What’s Right with America.Hmm now i wonder why the President wanrted to attend this Church service?