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Apr 28, 2010

Sharon is here

Kibbutz Amiad Agricultural Cooperative Association

Company Overview

Kibbutz Amiad Agricultural Cooperative Association manufactures water filtration equipment. It offers water filters and water filtration systems for irrigation, industrial, and domestic use. The company is based in Israel. Kibbutz Amiad Agricultural Cooperative Association operates as a subsidiary of Kibbutz Industries Association Ltd.

Amiad Kibbutz Country Lodging hotel `Ammi`ad

The Amiad Country Lodging is located high on a mountain with beautiful views over the Galilee Mountains and the Golan Heights.
hotel address: Kibbutz Amiad, 12335 Kibbutz Amiad ISRAEL
geographical location: 32° 55' 45" North, 35° 32' 26" East ( Booking )

The Amiad Country Lodging is located high on a mountain with beautiful views over the Galilee Mountains and the Golan Heights. It lies just off road number 90 which in 15 minutes connects you with attractions such as Safed, Sea of Galilee, Tiberias and more.

There is a winery at the kibbutz as well as an organic toy factory, worth visiting for both children and adults. Other facilities include an outdoor swimming pool and a tennis court.

The rooms are spacious, clean and bright and were recently renovated. They have a kitchenette with microwave and water cooker. Rooms are located on the ground floor with direct access to a sitting area outside - the perfect place to enjoy a drink and admire the scenery and the quiet peacefulness of the kibbutz.

The hotel does not have a restaurant, but serves breakfast in the main dining room of the kibbutz which is next door to the hotel. There is a mini market close by where guests can buy their own groceries.

Hotel Rooms: 27. Hotel Chain: Kibbutz Hotels & Resorts.

Kibbutz Amiad bar
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Apr 27, 2010

Fair is fair.

Hamas has sent a sharp warning to Israel in the form of an animated film about Gilad Shalit, who has been held in Gaza for nearly four years. The short film appeared today on the website of Hamas' armed wing.
Hamas demands that Israel release hundreds of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Sgt. Gilad Schalit.

Well, Israel should release a counter message warning that 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for whom Hamas wants to trade Shalit will too return home in coffins.

Fair is fair.

Hamas' al-Zahar: We will not harm captive soldiers

Published: 04.26.10, 23:40 / Israel News

Hamas senior official Mahmoud al-Zahar slammed a video made by the group's military wings depicting Noam Shalit, father of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit, as an old man crying over his son's coffin.

Al-Zahar told Gaza reporters that the film "doesn’t reflect Hamas' official stand" and denounced the implication that the group may execute the soldier. "We have never killed captive Israeli soldiers and we never will. Our morals prevent us from doing so." (Ynet)
Somebody in Hamas is reading my Blog!...

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Apr 25, 2010

"Mahraba Kabira" = Big Holocust

President: Westeners Imposed Illegal Zionist Regime on Region

President Ahmadinejad has said that bullying state have imposed the illegal Israeli regime on the region in order to dominate Middle East regional resources.

According to IRIB, addressing the Iranian members of Iran-Uganda Friendship Association, today (Saturday), President Ahmadinejad added the fake Zionist regime of Israel during its existence has imposed more than five wars on Middle East region, which have claimed thousands of lives.

President Ahmadinejad pointed out that the era in which a few bullying and colonial states would turn the world into a prison has come to an end and the world is on the verge of a major development.

President emphasized that the heinous crimes committed by the hegemonic powers has ended the materialistic empire of the domineering powers, while adding that the powerful and plundering states have looted Middle East and Africa, while concurrently claiming to support human rights.

Apr 23, 2010

The system works !!!

More to come !

Holyland probe leads to 2 more arrests

Holyland corruption probe leads to new scandals: National Fraud Unit to question former head of Israel Lands Administration Yaakov Efrati, businessman Danny Dankner

Eli Senyor

Holyland plot leads to more corruption cases: Police on Wednesday detained businessman Danny Dankner and former head of the Israel Lands Administration Yaakov Efrati.

Both were arrested as part of the National Fraud Unit's Holyland corruption affair investigation. The suspicions against them are apparently not directly related to the Holyland case.

Following the police's request, both suspects will be brought before the Rishon Lezion Magistrate's Court for a remand hearing.

Dankner has been investigated on a different affair in recent months. In the beginning of March, the former Chairman of Bank Hapoalim was interrogated by the National Fraud Unit on suspicion of committing criminal offences and breach of trust.

Efrati currently serves as Chairman of the Directorate of Israel Railways.

As part of the investigation, Dankner was asked about loans he received, credit he extended and activities in his personal checking account during his tenure as chairman of Bank Hapoalim Directorate, estimated at millions of shekels.

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Apr 21, 2010

The New Look

Saudi cleric favours one-eye veil

A Muslim cleric in Saudi Arabia has called on women to wear a full veil, or niqab, that reveals only one eye.

Sheikh Muhammad al-Habadan said showing both eyes encouraged women to use eye make-up to look seductive.

The question of how much of her face a woman should cover is a controversial topic in many Muslim societies.

The niqab is more common in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, but women in much of the Muslim Middle East wear a headscarf which covers only their hair.

Sheikh Habadan, an ultra-conservative cleric who is said to have wide influence among religious Saudis, was answering questions on the Muslim satellite channel al-Majd

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Apr 20, 2010

Israel’s 62nd birthday

Amnon - Sharon - Jonathan ( & "Tamar" as the background... ) 20/4/2010 Tivon
Sharon is going to stay here for 6 months in a Kibbutz!...
( This is what HE thinks!... I've different plans in mind !!! ) more to come!

By Spengler

Envy surrounds no country on Earth like the state of Israel, and with good reason: by objective measures, Israel is the happiest nation on Earth at the 60th anniversary of its founding. It is one of the wealthiest, freest and best-educated; and it enjoys a higher life expectancy than Germany or the Netherlands. But most remarkable is that Israelis appear to love life and hate death more than any other nation. If history is made not by rational design but by the demands of the human heart, as I argued last week , the light heart of the Israelis in face of continuous danger is a singularity worthy of a closer look.

Can it be a coincidence that this most ancient of nations [1], and the only nation persuaded that it was summoned into history for God's service, consists of individuals who appear to love life more than any other people? As a simple index of life-preference, I plot the fertility rate versus the suicide rate of 35 industrial countries, that is, the proportion of people who choose to create new life against the proportion who choose to destroy their own. Israel stands alone, positioned in the upper-left-hand-quadrant, or life-loving, portion of the chart [2]. Those who believe in Israel's divine election might see a special grace reflected in its love of life.
In a world given over to morbidity, the state of Israel still teaches the world love of life, not in the trivial sense of joie de vivre, but rather as a solemn celebration of life. In another location, I argued, "It's easy for the Jews to talk about delighting in life. They are quite sure that they are eternal, while other peoples tremble at the prospect impending extinction. It is not their individual lives that the Jews find so pleasant, but rather the notion of a covenantal life that proceeds uninterrupted through the generations." Still, it is remarkable to observe by what wide a margin the Israelis win the global happiness sweepstakes.
Nations go extinct, I have argued in the past, because the individuals who comprise these nations choose collectively to die out. Once freedom replaces the fixed habits of traditional society, people who do not like their own lives do not trouble to have children. Not the sword of conquerors, but the indigestible sourdough of everyday life threatens the life of the nations, now dying out at a rate without precedent in recorded history.

Israel is surrounded by neighbors willing to kill themselves in order to destroy it. "As much as you love life, we love death," Muslim clerics teach; the same formula is found in a Palestinian textbook for second graders. Apart from the fact that the Arabs are among the least free, least educated, and (apart from the oil states) poorest peoples in the world, they also are the unhappiest, even in their wealthiest kingdoms.

The contrast of Israeli happiness and Arab despondency is what makes peace an elusive goal in the region. It cannot be attributed to material conditions of life. Oil-rich Saudi Arabia ranks 171st on an international quality of life index, below Rwanda. Israel is tied with Singapore on this index, although it should be observed that Israel ranks a runaway first on my life-preference index, whereas Singapore comes in dead last.

Even less can we blame unhappiness on experience, for no nation has suffered more than the Jews in living memory, nor has a better excuse to be miserable. Arabs did not invent suicide attacks, but they have produced a population pool willing to die in order to inflict damage greater than any in history. One cannot help but conclude that Muslim clerics do not exaggerate when they express contempt for life.

Israel's love of life, moreover, is more than an ethnic characteristic. Those who know Jewish life through the eccentric lens of Jewish-American novelists such as Saul Bellow and Philip Roth, or the films of Woody Allen, imagine the Jews to be an angst-ridden race of neurotics. Secular Jews in America are no more fertile than their Gentile peers, and by all indications quite as miserable.

For one thing, Israelis are far more religious than American Jews. Two-thirds of Israelis believe in God, although only a quarter observe their religion strictly. Even Israelis averse to religion evince a different kind of secularism than we find in the secular West. They speak the language of the Bible and undergo 12 years of Bible studies in state elementary and secondary schools.

Faith in God's enduring love for a people that believes it was summoned for his purposes out of a slave rabble must be part of the explanation. The most religious Israelis make the most babies. Ultra-Orthodox families produce nine children on average. That should be no surprise, for people of faith are more fertile than secular people, as I showed in a statistical comparison across countries.

Traditional and modern societies have radically different population profiles, for traditional women have little choice but to spend their lives pregnant in traditional society. In the modern world, where fertility reflects choice rather than compulsion, the choice to raise children expresses love of life. The high birthrate in Arab countries still bound by tradition does not stand comparison to Israeli fertility, by far the highest in the modern world.

The faith of Israelis is unique. Jews sailed to Palestine as an act of faith, to build a state against enormous odds and in the face of hostile encirclement, joking, "You don't have to be crazy to be a Zionist, but it helps." In 1903 Theodor Herzl, the Zionist movement's secular founder, secured British support for a Jewish state in Uganda, but his movement shouted him down, for nothing short of the return to Zion of Biblical prophecy would requite it. In place of a modern language the Jewish settlers revived Hebrew, a liturgical language only since the 4th century BC, in a feat of linguistic volition without precedent. It may be that faith burns brighter in Israel because Israel was founded by a leap of faith.

Two old Jewish jokes illustrate the Israeli frame of mind.

Two elderly Jewish ladies are sitting on a park bench in St Petersburg, Florida. "Mrs Levy," asks the first, "what do you hear from your son Isaac in Detroit?" "It's just awful," Mrs Levy replies. "His wife died a year ago and left him with two little girls. Now he's lost his job as an accountant with an auto-parts company, and his health insurance will lapse in a few weeks. With the real estate market the way it is, he can't even sell his house. And the baby has come down with leukemia and needs expensive treatment. He's beside himself, and doesn't know what to do. But does he write a beautiful Hebrew letter - it's a pleasure to read."

There are layers to this joke, but the relevant one here is that bad news is softened if written in the language of the Bible, which to Jews always conveys hope.

The second joke involves the American businessman who emigrated to Israel shortly after its founding. On his arrival, he orders a telephone, and waits for weeks without a response. At length he applies in person to the telephone company, and is shown into the office of an official who explains that there is a two-year waiting list, and no way to jump the queue. "Do you mean there is no hope?," the American asks. "It is forbidden for a Jew to say there is no hope!," thunders the official. "No chance, maybe." Hope transcends probability.

If faith makes the Israelis happy, then why are the Arabs, whose observance of Islam seems so much stricter, so miserable? Islam offers its adherents not love - for Allah does not reveal Himself in love after the fashion of YHWH - but rather success. "The Islamic world cannot endure without confidence in victory, that to 'come to prayer' is the same thing as to 'come to success'. Humiliation - the perception that the ummah cannot reward those who submit to it - is beyond its capacity to endure," I argued in another location. Islam, or "submission", does not understand faith - trust in a loving God even when His actions appear incomprehensible - in the manner of Jews and Christians. Because the whim of Allah controls every event from the orbit of each electron to the outcome of battles, Muslims know only success or failure at each moment in time.

The military, economic and cultural failures of Islamic societies are intolerable in Muslim eyes; Jewish success is an abomination, for in the view of Muslims it is the due of the faithful, to be coveted and seized from the usurpers at the first opportunity. It is not to much of a stretch to assert that Israel's love of live, its happiness in faith, is precisely the characteristic that makes a regional peace impossible to achieve. The usurpation of the happiness that Muslims believe is due to them is sufficient cause to kill one's self in order to take happiness away from the Jewish enemy. If Israel's opponents fail to ruin Israel's happiness, there is at least a spark of hope that they may decide to choose happiness for themselves.

Why are none of the Christian nations as happy as Israel? Few of the European nations can be termed "Christian" at all. Poland, the last European country with a high rate of attendance at Mass (at about 45%), nonetheless shows a fertility rate of only 1.27, one of Europe's lowest, and a suicide rate of 16 per 100,000. Europe's faith always wavered between adherence to Christianity as a universal religion and ethnic idolatry under a Christian veneer. European nationalism nudged Christianity to the margin during the 19th century, and the disastrous world wars of the past century left Europeans with confidence neither in Christianity nor in their own nationhood.

Only in pockets of the American population does one find birth rates comparable to Israel's, for example among evangelical Christians. There is no direct way to compare the happiness of American Christians and Israelis, but the tumultuous and Protean character of American religion is not as congenial to personal satisfaction. My suspicion is that Israel's happiness is entirely unique.

It is fashionable these days to speculate about the end of Israel, and Israel's strategic position presents scant cause for optimism, as I contended recently. Israel's future depends on the Israelis. During 2,000 years of exile, Jews remained Jews despite forceful and often violent efforts to make them into Christians or Muslims. One has to suppose that they did not abandon Judaism because they liked being Jewish. With utmost sincerity, the Jews prayed thrice daily, "It is our duty to praise the Master of all, to acclaim the greatness of the One who forms all creation, for God did not make us like the nations of other lands, and did not make us the same as other families of the Earth. God did not place us in the same situations as others, and our destiny is not the same as anyone else's."

If the Israelis are the happiest country on Earth, as the numbers indicate, it seems possible that they will do what is required to keep their country, despite the odds against them. I do not know whether they will succeed. If Israel fails, however, the rest of the world will lose a unique gauge of the human capacity for happiness as well as faith. I cannot conceive of a sadder event.

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We’ll return Syria to the Stone Age

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Apr 19, 2010

Remembering Israel's Fallen Heroes

Remembering 22,684 Israel's Fallen Heroes


Islamism, fascism and terrorism

Islamism, fascism and terrorism

By Marc Erikson (Nov-Dec '02)

Links between neo-Nazis and the radical ideology of Islamism have surfaced since the terrorism of September 11, 2001 - an event that was celebrated by both groups. But fascism and Islamism have an 80-year history of collaboration based on shared ideas, practices and perceived common enemies.

Substitute religious for racial purity, and most ideological and organizational precepts of Nazism are essentially identical to the later precepts of the Muslim Brotherhood. Marc Erikson traces the Brotherhood's collaboration with fascism from the present-day brains behind al-Qaeda to the era of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during World War II.

The West is waging war not against the religion of Islam, but against the little-understood political philosophy of Islamism, which, upon close examination, reveals itself as a distinct - and distinctly noxious - form of the same kind of fascism that went down in defeat in World War II, but which never quite died out, especially in the Middle East.

The key personality behind the global Islamist jihad of the 1990s was not Osama bin Laden; rather, it was his deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, the man whose critical acumen and organizational and operational skills were central to the success of al-Qaeda. Now his fascist Islamism has seized the ideological initiative in the Muslim world of today.

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Apr 17, 2010


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NSA Spy Scandal 15/4/10

NSA Spy Scandal 15/4/10

Government could read NSA leaker's encrypted e-mails.
Used a secret, nongovernment e-mail account to transmit classified and unclassified information

Department of Justice
Office of Public Affairs
Former NSA Senior Executive Charged with Illegally Retaining Classified Information, Obstructing Justice and Making False Statements
A federal grand jury in the District of Maryland has returned a 10-count indictment charging former National Security Agency (NSA) senior executive Thomas A. Drake with the willful retention of classified information, obstruction of justice and making false statements, announced Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer of the Criminal Division.

According to the indictment, Drake, 52, was a high-ranking NSA employee from 2001 through 2008, where he had access to highly classified documents and information. The indictment alleges that between approximately February 2006 and November 2007, a newspaper reporter published a series of articles about the NSA. The indictment alleges that Drake served as a source for many of those articles, including articles that contained classified information. The indictment also alleges that Drake took a series of steps to facilitate the provision of this information to the reporter, including:

  • exchanging hundreds of e-mails with and meeting with the reporter;
  • researching stories for the reporter to write in the future by e-mailing unwitting NSA employees and accessing classified and unclassified documents on classified NSA networks;
  • copying and pasting classified and unclassified information from NSA documents into untitled word processing documents which, when printed, had the classification markings removed;
  • printing both classified and unclassified documents, bringing them to his home, and retaining them there without authority;
  • scanning and emailing electronic copies of classified and unclassified documents to the reporter from his home computer; and
  • reviewing, commenting on, and editing drafts of the reporter’s articles.
"As alleged, this defendant used a secret, non-government e-mail account to transmit classified and unclassified information that he was not authorized to possess or disclose. As if those allegations are not serious enough, he also allegedly later shredded documents and lied about his conduct to federal agents in order to obstruct their investigation," said Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer. "Our national security demands that the sort of conduct alleged here – violating the government’s trust by illegally retaining and disclosing classified information – be prosecuted and prosecuted vigorously."

"The FBI takes very seriously allegations involving government employees who willfully retain or disclose classified information they are not authorized to possess. Working with prosecutors, we will continue to investigate and pursue charges against these individuals whose actions cannot be justified or tolerated," said Arthur M. Cummings II, FBI Executive Assistant Director, National Security Branch.

The indictment alleges that Drake received training regarding the protection of classified information, including the instruction not to remove classified information from the NSA. The indictment also alleges that Drake signed acknowledgments affirming that any documents or information he intended for public disclosure were required to be submitted to the NSA for pre-publication review. At no time, according to the indictment, did the NSA authorize Drake to de-classify information or to disclose classified information to unauthorized persons, nor did the NSA authorize Drake to copy and print classified information in a manner that removed its classification markings or to possess classified documents or information at his home.

The indictment alleges that in approximately November 2005, a former congressional staffer asked Drake to speak with a reporter. Between November 2005 and February 2006, according to the indictment, Drake signed up for a free account and then paid for a premium account with an e-mail service that enabled its users to exchange secure e-mails without disclosing the sender or recipient’s identity. Using an alias, Drake allegedly then contacted the reporter and volunteered to disclose information about the NSA. The indictment alleges that Drake directed the reporter to create the reporter’s own secure e-mail account. After the reporter created such an account, Drake also allegedly required the reporter to agree to certain conditions, including never revealing Drake’s identity; attributing information gathered from Drake to a "senior intelligence official"; never using Drake as a single source for information; never telling Drake who the reporter’s other sources were; and not commenting on what people, to whom Drake recommended the reporter speak, said to the reporter.

Drake allegedly attempted to conceal his relationship with the reporter and prevent the discovery of evidence linking Drake to his retention of classified documents after the FBI began a criminal investigation into the disclosure of classified information. Specifically, Drake allegedly shredded classified and unclassified documents, including his handwritten notes that he had removed from the NSA; deleted classified and unclassified information on his home computer; and made false statements to FBI agents.

The indictment charges Drake with five counts of willfully retaining documents that relate to the national defense. These include four classified e-mails and an additional classified document. In addition, the indictment charges Drake with obstruction of justice for allegedly destroying and deleting documents with the intent to impede and obstruct the federal investigation into alleged disclosures of classified information. The indictment also charges Drake with four counts of making false statements to FBI agents.

Willful retention of classified documents carries a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison. Obstruction of justice carries a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison. The charge of making a false statement carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison. Each of the charged counts carries a maximum fine of $250,000.

The case is being prosecuted by Senior Litigation Counsel William M. Welch II of the Criminal Division and Trial Attorney John P. Pearson of the Criminal Division’s Public Integrity Section. This case is being investigated by the FBI and the NSA Office of Security & Counterintelligence. The National Security Division also provided assistance in this matter.

An indictment is merely an allegation. Defendants are presumed innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law.

Criminal Division

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Apr 15, 2010

'senior official'

Olmert to Make Video Statement on Holyland ( Now on Ch 2 )

Reported: 18:46 PM - Apr/15/10

( Former prime minister Ehud Olmert announced on Thursday afternoon that he would issue a statement at 8:00 Thursday evening in response to news that he is suspected of receiving a bribe from the entrepreneurs behind the Holyland real-estate project in Jerusalem.

The statement will be pre-recorded on video with no questions from reporters.


The Israeli courts have cleared for publication that former PM Olmert is considered the numero uno suspect in a real estate scam:
They referred to him as "the senior personality," "the main suspect abroad," and even E.O. Now, the missing link is finally official. Ehud Olmert, former prime minister and former mayor of Jerusalem during the licensing of the Holyland real estate project, is slated to be investigated under caution in coming days in what has been called by one judge, "one of the worst corruption cases in the history of the country."

This information was cleared for publication Thursday morning by the courts. It was also cleared for publication that the State Prosecutor's Office and the police have at a State witness at their disposal. The identity of the witness remains confidential.

The National Fraud Investigations Unit suspects that Olmert, currently on trial for three other corruption cases, pocketed hundreds of thousands of shekels from businessmen, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders in the affair. In return, the latter received a cash cow, recently labeled "an ugly real estate monstrosity" by the court.

It was also cleared for publication that the police suspect that as a result of the bribes the Holyland real estate development was expanded 1,200% beyond the limit authorized in the original plan. The police suspect that the bribes were systematically handed out to various officials in the Jerusalem Municipality and other public bodies.

As the Holyland affair broke last week and part of it were first made known to the public, Olmert was abroad. This was no coincidence. Ynet learned that the arrest warrants for the six arrested suspects waited until Olmert's plane took off, and then the police jumped on the opportunity.

"The fact that he was abroad served the investigation overall," explained the police. "After all, he couldn't disrupt it from there, and this also prevented unnecessary unpleasantness for him. Such a senior personality is not so easily arrested."
That's the sad part of it. He can't be permitted immunity from trial and arrest just because he was such a bigshot. He's planning to go on TV to insist he's innocent. But all he's doing is making himself look utterly pathetic, and unable to face the reality of his wrongs. Olmert is simply a very disgraceful man, unwilling to admit to any guilt in the wrongdoings he's committed over the years. Now, he's hopefully going to pay a heavy price for his deeds, which include, lest we forget, his attempts to sell Israel down the river to the Religion of Peace. If he does pay the price, it will be most richly deserved.

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One LOGO = 1000 words

One LOGO = 1000 words !

Obama: Israel should sign NPT

American president lauds leaders who took part in Washington nuke summit, says world safer as result of conference; responding to question, Obama says all nations should sign Non-Proliferation Treaty, including Israel

Yitzhak Benhorin

WASHINGTON - US President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the US Administration calls upon all nations to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty, including Israel.

Speaking at a press conference end of a nuclear summit in Washington, Obama said that the world was safer today as result of the convention's achievements.

“We have seized the opportunity,” Obama said at the conclusion of a two-day summit on nuclear security in Washington. “The American people will be safer and the world will be more secure.”

When asked about Israel's nuclear program, Obama at first refused to address the issue, instead insisting to talk about the US and its commitment to reducing American nuclear weapon stockpiles.

"Initially you were talking about US behavior, and then suddenly we're talking about Israel. Let me talk about the United States," the president said. "I do think that as part of the NPT, our obligation, as the largest nuclear power in the world, is to take steps to reducing our nuclear stockpile. And that's what the START treaty was about, sending a message that we are going to meet our obligations…as far as Israel goes, I'm not going to comment on their program.

However, although initially saying he will not address Israel's nuclear program, Obama continued, pointing out that the US is calling on all nations to sign the NPT.

"What I'm going to point to is the fact that consistently we have urged all countries to become members of the NPT. So there's no contradiction there," he said. "And so whether we're talking about Israel or any other country, we think that becoming part of the NPT is important. And that, by the way, is not a new position. That's been a consistent position of the United States government, even prior to my administration.

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