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Sep 8, 2010

My GURU said this :-

My GURU said this :-

The left hates Republicans not because of what they are, but because of what the left thinks they are. What the left thinks is this: Republicans are "objectively" racists and reactionaries.

The idea of being "objectively" something - especially if it is retrograde - is a time-honored concept of the left. When Lenin ordered the liquidation of the kulaks, he didn't mean that particular individuals should be punished for particular acts they had committed. In Lenin's eyes, being a kulak was itself a crime. To own land made one "objectively" an exploiter.

Though Democrats obviously don't intend to put Republicans before firing squads (other than verbal), they view Republicans the same way. They are convinced that Republicans are defenders of exploiters, racists and other oppressors and that - whoever they may actually be - objectively, Republicans stand in the way of a better world.

This conclusion flows inexorably from progressives' belief that if the left can accumulate enough power, they can remake the world. Progressives think they can use the powers of government to end poverty, racism, sexism, pollution, war and even bad habits like smoking cigarettes. The only thing that prevents them from accomplishing these noble ends is the Republican Party, which stands in their way. Republicans, in other words, are people who objectively oppose the happiness of mankind - if only because they won�t spend the tax dollars necessary to buy it.

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