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Sep 2, 2010

David, the man with COJONES !


I looked at the profile of one of the individuals listed on the page, and wrote to his employer as follows:

Hi - I would just like you to know that one of your employees, Christopher Wilkes, who works at your Fairborn, OH office, is a member of the Facebook page titled "Jews Burn Again - Holocaust 2". Apparently he endorses the objective of that website, which makes me wonder whether your company is interested in maintaining good customer relations and a positive reputation in the community- that is, if you are comfortable with employing individuals like Mr. Wilkes, who apparently has some pretty radical and possibly dangerous views. Please look at the Facebook page to which I have referred, and under the list of people who endorse the page (on the left hand side), if you expand the list, you will find Mr. Wilkes' name and profile.

I would appreciate your feedback regarding this matter, as I am interested to learn how employess like Mr. Wilkes - who might find it difficult to work with Jews or have a Jewish person as a customer - are treated in by your company.

Best regards,

Today, 05:06:50

Alexander Munch

Very well done, David !

I took the liberty to copy & paste you comment into my blog as a post by itself !

I admire men like you ! You have COJONES !

Salute !

Today, 05:39:11

1 comment:

Will said...

Hi Alex.
Great guy !
I'll put a link to your post!