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Sep 9, 2010

Get An Injunction

Get An Injunction

Martin Peretz September 8, 2010

The Dove World Training Center in Gainesville, Florida and its pastor Perry Jones plan a Koran bonfire on the ninth anniversary of the World Trade Center-Pentagon enormity.

There are indications that other churches, the message of which is love, of course, are joining in the extravaganza.

It is just possible that Islamist Muslims, fanatic Muslims who also burn bibles and alien religious texts and flags, will be reminded of how disgusting the practice is. But don't count on it.

But it is disgusting. And it is disgusting no matter how many people believe the act would be and should be protected by the First Amendment.

In fact, it is uncivilized. I believe that the Obama administration should go to the Supreme Court or maybe tactically to the most sensible and civilized appellate court and seek an injunction against this atrocity that 1. will encourage Muslim madmen to respond in kind and 2. will also encourage primitive Christians to extend and expand the auto da fe.

"Once to every man and nation comes the moment to decide..." goes an old and my favorite Christian hymn. This is the moment.


The Administration can't go directly to an appellate court or the Supreme Court, so it would probably have to start in the District Court where this nutcase is located and then probably go to the 11th Circuit, which may or may not be "civilized." (It might be possible to seek permission to bypass the appellate court, but someone has to make a record.) In any case,

there is no law against being disgusting--obscene, yes, but not disgusting. It always amazes me when people think (see the revisionist story as well as this blog) that the Consitution exists solely to enact their own personal likes and dislikes.

The best thing to do with the Koran-burner is to ignore him, which of course will not happen, and perhaps for President Obama to renounce and repudiate the act if it does occur. He doesn't have to apologize, but he does need to be briefer and less equivocal than he was on the Ground Zero mosque issue.

And of course the next best thing we can do in amelioration is just shut up and let people build their houses of worship anywhere they are legally permitted, because that is the law and the proper way to show that we are not like "them."

Otherwise, the terrorists win.

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