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Sep 18, 2010

Who will replace the Saudi King Abdullah ?

Pending congressional approval, the Obama administration plans to sell $60 billion in advanced aircraft and sophisticated weaponry to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia . Add $30 billion in proposed enhancements to the country’s navy and ballistic missile-defense systems, and the result is one huge jobs program, further deterioration in Saudi-Iranian relations and heightened tension in the Persian Gulf —

My imaginary interview with His Majesty , King Abdullah.

Q - What are all this weapons for ? ( New jobs in the US before November?...).
A - "It will help give Saudi Arabia the capability to convince Iran that it can't use missiles or air power against Saudi Arabia or its neighbors.” ( "We don't trust you - Zionists!" )
Q - What will happen after you are gone ? [ May Allah grant you with good health and long life! ]
A - "It would be a few years of, not confusion, but soul-searching. Saudi Arabia will use that period to figure out its identity. That identity will be driven by the next ruler but also by factors outside Saudi Arabia. What will Iran look like? What will Yemen look like? What will Iraq look like? Is the Arab-Israeli question resolved? The post-Abdullah period in Saudi Arabia will be a period, in my opinion, of soul-searching and trying to find an identity.
Q - What are Saudi Arabia's Characteristics, Challenges, and Aspirations ?
A - Saudi women are often perceived as isolated from the world of business, with little economic influence. Because they are virtually absent from the body of international literature on female entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa, it is difficult to say how many women own businesses in Saudi Arabia. Yet evidence suggests that they account for a small but growing share of total business activity.
Q - Who are your potential successors after you are gone, [ May Allah grant you with good health and long life! ]
A - If I'm not overthrown by a close member of my own royal family,( A common event in the kingdom... ),the next in line as the chart shows is, my half-brother Crown Prince Sultan, who is also in his 80s and ill, and then by Prince Nayef, my favorite because he is the most rigid and anti-Western of the heirs to Ibn Sa’ud ! Nayef, who is in his late 70s, is the protector of the Wahhabi clerics and was the first Saudi leader to declare that 9/11 was a Zionist conspiracy. But as you know, I have 19 surviving siblings and half brothers. Before things are settled and agreed upon, there will be a huge "HAFLA" in which enemies' heads will be served before the Goat eyes and rice as it is a custom in our tents!...

Q - Thank you for the 'Most inspiring interview", You Majesty.
May I kiss your shoes?

I don't know about you,but, when I see a guy with no ID, wearing a Galabiya with a red Kafiya on his head and carrying an AK47 on his shoulder, walking in my hood - I CALL THE IDF !

In such hands, American-provided arms could, by the law of unintended consequences, end up turned in a more dangerous direction!

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Will said...

Hi Alex.
I really like this!Great! Love it!