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Sep 17, 2010

Fw: White House Insider: 'The President Is Losing It'!

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From: Alexander Munch
To: Will
Cc: AOW ; Pasto ; Midnight
Sent: Friday, September 17, 2010 4:18 AM
Subject: Re: White House Insider: 'The President Is Losing It'!

Yes ! I saw it !
Now, hurry up and get him :-
  • 1 German Sheppard.
  • 10 Cyanide capsules.
  • 1 Walther PPK, 7.65mm
Or go and bring that Romanian officer with his AK47 !...

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To: Alexander Munch
Sent: Friday, September 17, 2010 3:58 AM
Subject: White House Insider: 'The President Is Losing It'!

White House Insider: 'The President Is Losing It'.It hasn't gotten much press, but a former White House insider has reportedly dished the dirt on President Obama (anonymously, of course) -- and the revelations sound plausible indeed....Obama is scared to death of Hillary. He doesn’t trust her – obsesses over her almost as much as he does Fox News... when it comes down to it, she has played the game on a far tougher level than he has, and Obama knows that......I don’t have a problem saying that the president is losing it. I don’t mean he is like losing his mind. I mean to say that he is losing whatever spark he had during the campaign. When you take away the crowds, Obama gets noticeably smaller. He shrinks up inside of himself. He just doesn’t seem to have the confidence to do the job of President, and it’s getting worse and worse. Case in point – just a few days before I left, I saw first hand the President of the United States yelling at a member of his staff. He was yelling like a spoiled child. And then he pouted for several moments after. I wish I was kidding, or exaggerating, but I am not. The President of the United States threw a temper tantrum....I am going to come right out and say it – No [, another four years of Obama would not be a good thing]. Obama is not up to the job of being president. He simply doesn’t seem to care about the work involved. You want to know what? Obama is lazy. He really is. And it is getting worse and worse. Read the full story here.

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