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Sep 4, 2010

One way street !

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From:- Palestine's Dialogue Forum


Rallies today in a mosque leader Ibrahim and tomorrow in the Amr ibn al-Aas to support Camelia Shehata

From the largest march on Sunday next after the Taraweeh prayers Directly in front of the Mosque of Amr ibn al-Aas to support Sister "Camelia Shehata is full "and claim else rescue from the hands of the church on26 of Ramadan 1431 in a ceremony on the night of Qadr with Sheikh... Mohammed Jibril. Please call ... all your friends.

Revealed prominent bishop of the complex Bible that «Camellia Shehata» wife priest of Deir Mawas that has custody of the church since late July, hit by «madness» the severity of the torture that is exposed inside the detention of one of the houses of the consecration of the church after being abandoned by the State organs The official and handed over to the Egyptian Church - according to newspaper Egyptians.

The archbishop said Kamelya forced to eat dozens of pills «hallucinations», as well as electric shocks, sequential and nervous exhaustion cascade by brainwashing continued against her until she comes back from Islam, which means the impossibility to appear fully to the public under any circumstances, and after refusing to respond to the prayers of
Pope, who recently visited in a house where the sun consecration into custody by the Church - according to The Egyptians.

The bishop himself on Monday morning that he had made an urgent note to Pope Shenouda III Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of Saint Mark, asking him to show the whole truth on the issue of wife Camilla Shehata priest of Deir Mawas that has custody of the church since late July, because "silence is no longer useful."

The bishop, who followed the case of Camilla in a house in the devotion to the period that the Bishops close Shenouda support his point of view ignoring the case even "die", a replay of the issue of the fulfillment of Constantine, the wife of a priest Abu silos raised by conversion to a storm of controversy a few years ago, and that has custody of the church Since that time in a monastery in Wadi El-Natron.

The Shenouda received promises from official bodies not to open an investigation into the detention of Camellia in the church without the point of the right, while studying the Coptic issue a statement denying converted to Islam but he feared his claim by demonstrating to deny themselves raised on converted to Islam itself, which is opposed by strongly.

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