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Sep 19, 2010

Palestinians are hungry - not the Israelis!

It started long before the "POTUS" was elected !

Frank Kruschandl

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Wish Hill


BN20 9HD

Airmail Recorded

Nancy Pelosi

Speaker Elect

House pf Representatives

United State Congress

Capitol Hill

Washington DC USA

4 December 06

Dear Ms Pelosi

Middle East Woes - IRAQ - PALESTINE (part 3)

** US Policy could lead to Nuclear War Iran/Israel

IRAQ : Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki is viewed by the US as a 24 carat upholder of democracy. In reality he is afflicted by a maelstrom of emotions - like the majority of Iraqis. The Kurds, themselves mostly Sunni, are consumed by their recently found Freedom and a de facto Homeland of their own. Achieved by Saddams downfall. Well done the US and the Coalition! Residually, Iraq comprises Sunnis - former Masters of Iraq abd Shi'ites their former vassals. The sects simply loathe one another.

Democracy - the shoe to fit all - fits no-one in particular! A subtle acquiescing in Shia militia murder and mayhem, on the part of Houri al-Maliki, has become exacerbated in that the reisn have redically 'slipped' in respect of imported terrorism. Sunnis, numerically inferior, reciprocally follow the sectarian path. Their concerns being Survival - Retaliation in a holding of their position - the equitable distribution of Oil Revenue. This last notably absent from the area of their predominance. It is therefore wholly illogical for such disparate groups to be collectively wedded to Democracy. The Kurds are relatively insulated. Keeping a 'watching brief' in protection of their Homeland interests. Sharp eyes watch the (southern) Sunni/Shi'ite fiasco. Razor sharp where outsiders are concerned, eg. the coalition but particularly Iran.

Autonomous Sates - is surely the realistic solution - held together within a Federation of States. External defence could be guaranteed by the US - Coalition - UN - NATO. Such posture would keep the foxes from the chickens. Proceeds from Oil Revenue to be shared upon a percapita basis. The States being responsible for their use. Each State with its own police force and armed military Detachments. Maintaining Security and eliminating Terrorism.

PALESTINE : Fused for a future Nuclear War starting with Iran/Israel. Israeli 'special status' supported by the US in their monopoly on power must end! Equal treatment + financing should become endemic! External defence guaranteed to Israelis and Palestinians - after a style set out viz Iraq in the foregoing. It is the absence of impartiality which is the Road Block (forget the road map) which encourages abuse. Palestinians are hungry - not the Israelis!

Sincerely yours

Frank Kruschandl

[The above views are not necessarily those of the website owners, but are the views of the writer concerned - Please address all comments accordingly]

Israel: thoughts for the future - independent comment

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