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Sep 13, 2010

I'm a Zillionaire !!!

I'm a Zillionaire !!!

Stock dates back more than four hundred years back, in 1606, the archive was found by a Dutch student of history. Stock trading company is a marine Netherlands - East India

Old stock in the world, dating more than four hundred years back in 1606 - was archived by a Dutch student of history. Stock issued by the Dutch maritime trade company - East India. As the largest trading company in the Netherlands throughout the 17th and 18th, the company decided to be the world's first business issuing shares and selling them to investors. But initially, the company ran into severe financial difficulties and did not receive any stock dividends. This is despite one of the most prominent characteristics of a document stock is a series of references relating to payment of dividends and stock purchase moment until 1650. Finally, the company began to pay dividends to shareholders only in 1610, after great pressure from shareholders, some of the payment made in money and some spices brought from the Far East to Europe.

Stock was forgotten somewhere in the Dutch port city archives Ankeweizn. The city, along with Amsterdam and other cities, was one of the ports of the Dutch company's home - East India (VOC), which took place the international shipping trade. Until the mid-17th century was considered Ankeweizn important city in the country. 'Share Ankeweizn' as it is now called by the researchers, dated September 9 in 1606. Then it was registered in the name of Piatra Rmancaza Alexander Münch, a resident of the Netherlands who worked as an assistant to the mayor in the early 17th century. He paid for the last payment of $ 150 Gyldnim Dutch. After his death in 1638 he left his stock to his widow their daughter Ada, and finally, for an unknown reason, was transferred to paper stock Ankeweizn archives.

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