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Jul 8, 2010

Yalla Holland ! Yalla ! " World Cup" - 2010

"Soldiers Plundering a Farmhouse," by Sebastian Vrancx (1573-1647), painted c. 1600,
Shows a scene from the Eighty Years' War (Dutch Revolt) in the Netherlands.
Where was the UN? Where was the "Human Rights"? Where was "Amnesty International"?
Goldstone, you have a job to do !

The 80 Years' War (1568-1648)

This is the war fought between Catholic Spain and the Protestant Netherlands which resulted in the independence of the Netherlands from Spain, the separation of the Southern part of the Netherlands (Flanders) from the Northern part. The result was the formation of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, the Dutch Republic.

First regular armies, mostly mercenaries, under the orders of Prince William I of Orange attempted and failed to invade the Dutch provinces.

But there were also the foreign based irregular land and sea forces of the Geuzen, fanatical Protestants who raided the provinces and by the end of 1573 had captured and by force converted to Protestantism the provinces of Holland and Zeeland. Then the other provinces joined them in the revolution against Spain and they formed a general union.

The Catholic Southern part of the Netherlands, in particular the Catholic Walloon provinces seceeded from the Dutch Union in 1577. None of them wanted to be part of the Spanish Empire either but by 1588 the Spanish had regained control over them. By now Spain was engaged in war also against France and England and this made a Dutch counteroffensive possible.

During the 12 Years' Truce the Dutch tried hard to secure their borders. When fighting resumed in 1621 this revolt had become part of a more general conflict known as the Thirty Years' War.

An alliance of the French and the Dutch came into being in 1635 and this led to the French conquest of the Walloon provinces and sustained French attacks against Flanders.

In 1648 the Spanish Republic, now worried about the growing power of France, concluded a separate peace with the Netherlands. This came to be known as the Treaty of Munster by which Spain recognized the independence of the Dutch.

All that you can find in the history books. What those books hardly ever touch on is the misery all this caused for the common man caught between unruly armies and irregular forces all of whom had to take mostly from civilians everything they needed to survive.

In 1583 for instance the dikes were pierced in our Meetjesland and thousands of hectares of good land taken from the sea disappeared once again under the salty water.

After such a long period of conflict and destruction many many farms lay ruined and abandoned and many many people had fled the region never to return.

My blog-pal, Will, from Canada, E - mailed me this : -

About my hometown seige :
Siege of Ostend, the new troy (1601-1604) Spanish Flanders

Wikipedia - The Siege of Ostend was a three-year siege during the Eighty Years' War and one of the longest sieges in history. It is remembered as the bloodiest battle of the war, and culminated in a Spanish victory. : It is said "the Spanish assailed the unassailable; the Dutch defended the indefensible."[1]

Described as a "long carnival of death", in 1603, General Spinola assumed command of the Spanish forces. Under his able leadership, the Spanish tore Ostend's outer defenses from the exhausted Dutch and put what remained of the city under the muzzles of their guns, compelling the Dutch to surrender. By that point the Spanish had lost almost 60,000 men in the blasted trenches and dugouts surrounding the ruined city.



Documents & Pictures

Thank you Will.


Will said...

Hi Alex.
Actually i expect the Dutch to win,but that's only
Interesting posting my hometown was under seige by the Spanjards from The 4th of July 1604 till the 22 of September 1604 yes 1172 days we held out against overwhelming forces the Spanish lost 76.961 men we lost 77.684 men and there were off course tenthousends of wounded also.The town was completely devastated.

Alexander Münch said...

Hi Will,

I knew you will "jump"!

This is why it is there !...Silly!

I'm the "Nazi" type... if you know what I mean...I Vote for the Dutch because of their COLOR !

My Color is Orange !(See my Blog !...).

When you see the ugliest woman by the name "Orange",tell me!
I want to marry her!

Will said...

Hi Alex.
You're welcome .
You make me blush at that time in history one of my "Ancesters" was actually a pirate attacking the Spanish ships .lol
Nice people they were after the crusades took up piracy.In the end one of them even became an abbot probably praying for all our sins!Hahahahalol

Alexander Münch said...

It looks, (judging by the final results... ) that this Ancestor of your, did a lousy job!...

I'm scared stiff to go so far back into my Family's past. What if they find out ( by DNA test!... ), that I'm genetically related with 60% dominance to Gingis-Chan or Stalin? huh?... and I don't want to add names to the list!...

Enjoy life!

Alexander Münch said...

"one of my "Ancestors" was actually a pirate attacking the Spanish ships"

Hey !

You can't live me now, dribbling!
Full story, details, pictures and the whole lot!

NOW !!!