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Jul 25, 2010

PROOF: The Koran is No "Book of Peace"

Dear Fellow Conservative,

Osama Bin Laden, the mastermind of 9/11, and those who have perpetrated the over 13,000 jihad attacks worldwide since then repeatedly point to the Koran as their inspiration and authority.

Yet Barack Obama, Tony Blair, and other Western leaders have praised the Koran as a "book of peace" -- without providing any evidence of actually having read it.

It's time they did -- and it's time that all Westerners got to know the book that inspires our enemies to commit their hideous acts of hate and terrorism.

Trouble is, the Koran is not an easy read. It's been called "wrist-slittingly boring" as well as confusing, contradictory, and muddled.

Now, in
The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran, Robert Spencer -- the bestselling author and Islam expert -- shows exactly what's in the Koran, and why every American should be concerned about Islam's holy book.

Spencer also shows how the Koran developed, and even provides a revealing, disquieting glimpse into the Hadith, the traditions of Muhammad that for Muslims worldwide are second in authority only to the Koran itself.

Get your FREE copy of Robert Spencer's
The Complete Infidel's Guide to the Koran today.

Your friend,
Thomas S. Winter
Thomas S. Winter
Editor in Chief, Human Events


Always On Watch said...

I bought this book when it was first published. It's excellent!

What worries me is that the book didn't sell as well as it should have.

I wish that Mr. Spencer's books would always become best sellers!

Alexander Münch said...

Roberts books are all best sellers !

He is a very courageous, determined and gifted man !

Moooozie's living nightmare on earth !

For them Mr. Spenser is THE BIG SHAITAN !

( I'm the small one... ).


Will said...

Hi Alex&AOW.
Maybe one day when i'm old and grey i might read it once ,for now i know that Islam or what it stands for is evil and i would say AOW don't worry that the book doesn't sell so well any normal thinking human being knows that beating up your wife and having sex with 9 years old is sick ,no need for books to teach us this!
PS.Alex .paul is wrong it's a"Chateau neuf des papes"