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Jul 7, 2010

"Things happen"

"Things happen"

Goggle translation

The video of soldiers in Hebron, of great interest abroad. Telegraph stated that "the tough guys are cool girls in the IDF," Sky commentator explained: "The army is boring, things happen"

The gesture carried out by IDF soldiers in Hebron, angered the singer Keisha Although the IDF spokesman, but the world media have mostly amused.

Video showing a British news channel broadcasters laughed at the newspaper "Telegraph praised the" cool girls tough guys "of the IDF.

The clip controversial documentary Dancing to the sound of six soldiers song "Tick Tock", was raised on YouTube last week titled "shake the Casbah Hebron "(Rock the Casbah). In a few hours is downloaded from the site, but it was too late. Masses of other people have posted it online, the video received worldwide attention.

Video showing British television network "Sky" aroused much laughter among the broadcasters in the studio.Dominique Ckaoren commentator tried to explain the background to the British audience: Israeli Military service is compulsory, so the young soldiers are forced against their will to two or three years in uniform."Army life can be boring. They have cell phones and listen to music. Things happen."

Even the British newspaper "Daily Mail" treated lightly clip preferring to focus on the possible implications for the soldiers."The army called the video" a stunt "and said Commanders of the soldiers have been updated. Retirement of which may have their next dance will be 'Rock in prison," the paper said that suggested the famous film of Elvis Presley. The video is also displayed on the website of the Daily Telegraph, who says: "That's right, the toughest guys and girls are very cool army.

" Talkbacks were a few less amused. " I can not find a message offensive here. We're supposed to be fascinated by some of the silly spirit of armed men protecting a government finds it difficult to demonstrate to the people in Gaza and the West, "wrote one.

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Will said...

Hi Alex.
I think it's just cool God every body knows how boring the army can get.Lol