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Jul 15, 2010

What is occurring on British campuses ?

What do you do when you turn the screw clockwis and it doesn't go in ?
You try the other direction, Right ? This is what I always do !
So does HE ! Look :- ( some of his last tweets )
#CNN Octavia Nasr was fired not because she violated any ethics but because she unwittingly angered Israel's unethical lobby Q: Why do employees in Amman
airport's Business Class Lounge & cleaners of the airport's toilets treasure their jobs? A: BAKHSHISH
Wedding receptions & processions in Jordan are occasions for violating all traffic rules & basic rights of those not celebrating
Atwan: Rather than issue a fatwa on Palestinian reconciliation, Al-Azhar's top man should have spoken against Egypt's siege of Gaza
Atwan to #Mishaal: Mubrak received Samir Jajaa & Kamal Junblat & you are are more important than both of them
ReplyAbdelbari Atwan to #Alhiwar TV: I told K Mishaal #Hamas should have refused to deal with Egypt via a security channel
An Israeli minister: "the seige on Gaza was intended to serve Abbas but failed." Not surprisingly Abbas doesn't want the siege lifted
The USA & its allies are exercising censorship at a global level silencing Alaqsa Channel to serve Israel & its regional protectors
Al-Aqsa Satellite Channel has been told it would be off Atlantic Bird 4 by order from French Utelsat succumbing to US pressure
Abbas insists that seige lifting should be subsequent to reconciliation. His Ramalla PNA dreads consequences of relieving Gaza population
Travelling from Amman to Tripoli via Damascus by road is an exercise in patience & self-restraint esp. at borders. Damn Sykes-Picot
Fat-hi Yagan founded the Lebanese Islamic Movement known as Al-Jajama'ah Al-Islamiyyah & published no less than 40 books
An international conference is in progress 11-13 June in Tripoli, Lebanon, on the live & achievements of Dr Fat-hi Yagan
Hamdan to Alhiwar: Arab League's Amr Musa's visit to Gaza is too late #
Osama Hamdan to Alhiwar TV: any talk about a Palestinian recomciliation based on Egyptian paper is a waste of time.
Jihad Al-Khazin will make the revelations on Alhiwar TV today at 16:00 GMT
Had #Flotilla not been intercepted in international waters it would have proceeded to Egypt's Al-Arish & then on land to Gaza.
Jihad Al-Khazin quotes Omar Soleiman & Jamal Mubarak as saying the knew #Flotilla was heading toward Al-Arish in Egypt.
This may explain why Israel attacked #Flotilla in international waters. I wonder whether Egypt had any role in this.
This may explain why Israel attacked #Flotilla in international waters. I wonder whether Egypt had any role in this.
#Flotilla had no intention to violate Israeli cordon but to access Gaza via Egypt.
IHH chief in press conference: "#Flotilla was heading to Egyptian port of Al-Arish wherefrom journey to Gaza was to proceed by land"
Any body knows anything about the whereabouts of Alhiwar presenter Saleh Al-Azraq? Was he released with Elshayyal?
Not a democracy but a 'thiefocracy'; that's what Israel is.
What Sh R Salah says explains why the Israelis announced early on he was shot. They thought they liquidated him. Israelis R murderers.
In the Arab League meeting in Cairo PNA Riyad Al-Malki opposed suspending proximity talks with Israel. Was he representing Israel or what?
Egyptian Authorities prevent Dr. Bassim Na'im, Gaza Health Minister, from leaving Gaza via the Rafah Crossing
was recently in Mitrovica, Kosovo; a would be paradise if only rubbish did not tarnish it's natural beauty.
Dr Salman Abu Sitta visits Alhiwar TV in London

By Robyn Rosen, July 15, 2010

Police will not prosecute Palestinian academic Azzam Tamimi despite the fact that he told London students that he "longs to be a martyr, takes pride in being a terrorist," and that Israel "must come to an end".

Police began investigating after Dr Tamimi, director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London, addressed students at the London's School of Oriental and African Studies' (SOAS) on February 9.

They handed the investigation over to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Dr Tamimi, often described as Hamas's spokesman in the UK, was on a national tour of student societies during the Federation of Islamic Societies Palestine Week.

A police spokesman said: "The CPS has reviewed all the material in this case and have advised that there is insufficient evidence to proceed with a prosecution against Azzam Tamimi, therefore the police will be taking no further action."

"What is so terrorist about Hamas?"

By Marcus Dysch and Robyn Rosen, February 11, 2010

Palestinian academic Azzam Tamimi, who has advocated suicide bombing, has told students he “longs to be a martyr” and that Israel “must come to an end”.

Dr Tamimi, director of the Institute of Islamic Political Thought in London, spoke to students at London’s School of African and Oriental Studies (SOAS) on Tuesday.

On Monday, he addressed Cambridge University’s Islamic Society and is also due to speak at the Federation of Student Islamic Societies’ Palestine Week at Manchester University this weekend.

At SOAS, he praised Hamas and said: “Today Hamas is considered a terrorist organisation because that’s what the Americans and Israelis and cowardly politicians of Europe want, but what is so terrorist about it?

“You shouldn’t be afraid of being labelled extreme, radical or terrorist. If fighting for your home land is terrorism, I take pride in being a terrorist. The Koran tells me if I die for my homeland, I’m a martyr and I long to be a martyr.”

He criticised calls for a two-state solution and said: “Why are the Jews superhuman and better than anyone else that God would give them a homeland? Is God a racist? A god who would prefer people because of their race is not a god I want to associate with. Claiming they are being given the land of God is a racist idea.

“If the world felt so guilty about the Holocaust, the Jews should have been compensated, not brought to my country at the expense of my people.

“Israel does not belong to my homeland and must come to an end. This can happen peacefully if they acknowledge what they did — or we will continue to struggle until Israel is no more.”

He also urged students to continue hosting debates, despite calls to ban controversial speakers from campuses.

He said: “I want to encourage you not to be intimidated by the pro-Israel lobby. The Zionists tell a pack of lies.”

Dr Tamimi spoke alongside Ben White, author of Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner’s Guide, who urged students to boycott Israeli goods.

The Union of Jewish Students criticised Cambridge’s Islamic Society (ISoc) after it hosted Dr Tamimi days after urging the university’s Israel Society to withdraw an invitation to Israeli historian Benny Morris, claiming he was an “Islamophobic hate speaker”.

A UJS spokeswoman said: “When Cambridge ISoc was asked by the Israel Society to revoke Dr Tamimi’s invitation, the response was: ‘Yes, we know he’s offensive but we welcome you to attend and challenge.’

“It is another example of hate speakers being invited to British campuses, of an unnecessary and hurtful provocation to liberal and minority students and finally of university authorities failing to fulfil their duty of care to all students.”

Labour MP Denis MacShane, chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism, added: “I am worried that vice-chancellors are in complete denial about Islamist preaching on campuses.

“University chiefs are being foolish if they confuse freedom of expression with a platform for hate.”

Universities UK, which represents the heads of British universities, last month pledged to set up a working group to tackle extremism.

The group has yet to meet. It declined to comment on Dr Tamimi’s tour.

A Community Security Trust spokesman said: “Azzam Tamimi takes pride in being called a terrorist and repeatedly expresses his personal desire to be a suicide bomber. His glorification of terrorism and his grossly offensive comments about Jews epitomise the reasons why university and education authorities need to start taking responsibility for what is occurring on British campuses.”


Will said...

Hi Alex.
You know Brittain it's Muslim population has become too large to prosecute Muslims!
I think the mossad will have to do a lot of recruting in the future and do the Lords work for him!

Alexander Münch said...

It is not only in Britain, my friend!It becomes harder every day here ! The Goldstone syndrom !...

The "Flotilla investigation" is getting out of control and starts to look like one of Bruegel's paintings!