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Jul 8, 2010

Finally, without any further ado, I am no longer a Canadian citizen.

The Jews And Their Allies Have Proven Their Weakness By Charging Salman Hossain!

Posted on 08 July 2010 ( I Didn't touch a thing ! )

The truth has now revealed itself. The Jews and their Allies have really exposed their achilles? heels. It has very little to do with calling for the revenge slaughter of the Jews and their Allies. Of course by calling for their extermination and genocide, I did the right thing. They are both directly and through western proxies arranging for the slaughter of millions of innocent Muslims based on outright lies all around the world. Not only that, they are always engaged in the frame ups and false convictions in Western kangaroo courts of innocent Muslims as being ?terrorists? with the complicity of other collaborators in these countries. Terrorist atrocities in which Jews are often involved in carrying out or plan on carrying out until they get caught.

Their real weakness is exposed by the fact that I am calling and inciting others to arrange for the bringing in of foreign troops in all Western nations often willfully manipulated by Jewish interests. Why is this such a danger to them?

Well, they truly and really fear death. Not only that, they do not believe in what they are doing. They do not even believe in their cause. For if they did indeed believe in their cause, they would be prepared to fight to the death in guerrilla warfare against foreign armies. Even much superior armies. Of course, if they decided to fight back foreign invaders through guerrilla warfare, we would label them "terrorists" and "insurgents" just like the Jews and their Allies do today against popular Islamic resistance freedom fighters.

Yes, all western governments manhandled by the Jews need to be removed through violent regime change just like Muslim and other third world countries are attacked and their leaders killed and deposed when it doesn't suit International Jewish interests. The best case scenario would be of nations like Iraq during the First and Second Gulf Wars and Libya during the 1980s. So when a significant majority (about 70%) of Muslims in Algeria during the early 1990s wanted to have an Islamic government, the Jews and their Allies subverted it by engaging in false flag terrorism and massacres even bringing such violence to France.

When significant portions of Muslims in Bosnia wanted an Islamic government, the Jews and the Western powers expelled the foreign fighters which were mislabeled as "Al Qaida" under the false premise of "terrorism" and "extremism". To be fair to the Bosniaks, not all of them were in favor of having an Islamic government, although much greater numbers do so today. In Somalia, the masses support an Islamic government, which is being attempted to be overthrown by foreign armies (Ethiopian troops) under instigation from the Jews in Israel and America.

Whenever Muslims or other third world nations ( I won't even get into the various Jewish-infested CIA/British Intelligence/KGB/ and Israeli Mossad covert operations against the developing nations during the twentieth century along ) have their nations subverted and popular governments overthrown, that is somehow alright or no one is allowed to resist these conspiracies and atrocities. When Muslim and other third world nations have their governments violently overthrown by carpet bombings and invasions, then it seems that the Jews and their first world allies can do it with impunity and ease. They can even label those who rightfully fight back as being "terrorists". However, when someone like me openly calls for the same type of activities against the Jews and their western allies, the Jews react to it by going through "legal" channels. When my actions are done overtly, it becomes somehow "wrong". Then somehow I am an extremist. It means very little to to me. Being a fanatic is not a bad thing if its done for the right cause.

Every Jew is either an extremist, subversive, psychopath, terrorist, or is a potential one with such aforementioned attributes. So in order to deal with such extremists, we will have to retaliate with such extreme measures. Extreme activities by the Jews and their allies will result in extreme forms of retaliation by others (including myself). My website has been exposing what the Jews have been doing for the last century within the frame work of Western powers. I do not necessarily mean "white" nations. Why not? The reason being that many Eastern European nations are growing weary of the Jewish problems within them and are finding ways to resist the changes which the Jews want to bring about. Iran and Turkey for some strange reasons are not considered to be "white" by many Europeans. These two Islamic nations have had to also deal with crypto-Jews within them. The same can be said of Saudi Arabia and some of the Maghreb countries. The difference between Jews and their allies causing trouble in the West and the Islamic nations is simply this: the Jews can engage in overt expressions of supremacy whilst they engage in all their destructive and parasitic activities whereas they are completely covert in Muslim nations and it actually is harder to detect them in the latter. It is hard to detect them until their true colors show, and their activities, loyalties, and interests begin to publicly emerge.

However, what I have stated about bringing in foreign armies to slaughter the Jews and their allies is not troubling them because of the violent, destructive, and graphic nature of such statements. It is because of the simple fact that it is the only solution when it comes to dealing with the Jewish problem. Not only that, there is absolutely no self-defense mechanism to such an invasion with more powerful and combined armies except through guerrilla warfare against the invaders or what the Jews and their allies call "terrorism". This will automatically eliminate the wealth and influence of the Jews and throw them in the garbage bin and and toilet of history. This also proves now beyond a shadow of doubt that the Jews and the Western powers are much weaker than the Islamic nations that they are currently attacking despite having superior fire power and military might. Morally, spiritually, and even to a certain extent not having the will to fight for another ten years. It's do or die right now for the Jews and their allies. I am encouraging and inciting all the Muslims in the West and other parts of the world to begin the arranging of invaders through foreign invasions into these countries. They do not have the will power or desire to fight foreign armies that will attack them. Look at the way they are reacting against minority Muslim communities simply accused ( almost always falsely ) of attempting or carrying out acts of "terrorism" on their soil. Can you imagine what will happen when foreign armies invade and destroy the West? Can any one even think about it? Just the mention of such thoughts brings fear into their hearts.

The Western world will have a greater tragedy coming in the next few years if they don't exterminate the Jewish problem. Israel will instigate more bloodshed and engage in various wars against the Muslim nations in the Middle East and beyond. They will do this both covertly and overtly. The Muslims will liberate Jerusalem and the Jews for the most part will either be killed or expelled. The survivors will retreat to Europe and North America. When such a scenario take places, I would not want to live in that part of the world at that time (within the next thirty years). That is where the Jews shall cause the most amount of trouble especially against the Muslims but others as well. In the Muslim countries, we can kill them if they get out of hand except for Occupied Palestine which is on the way towards liberation. The Jews are calling for the genocide of the Muslims in the West and carrying them out through various international and traitorous proxies in the Islamic countries. Thus I am calling for their genocide in the West, which is their main base of operations.

At the end of the day, should I get extradited from where I am allegedly located, perhaps maybe assassinated, arrested, locked up or kept in custody, it will make very little difference to the cause. I am inciting Muslims and other anti-Western forces who are reading this that should I in any chance get taken down, you will have to push forward the mission of bringing in foreign troops to exterminate the Jews and their Allies. God will replace me with hundreds if not thousands of others. There are hundreds if not thousands of people out there who will continue on in arranging with what I have called for. They will do it both in public and in private. I am encouraging and inciting others to do this publicly. If they are threatening to shut down the site, it will pop up somewhere else with ease. Regardless of what they want, the truth about the Jews is emerging publicly and no other force can resist what is going to happen to them and their allies. The Western powers will also have to pay a price in blood through which none other than God can stop. So should the Jews and their allies try and shut down the site or its servers, it will pop up in other places in the blink of an eye. Should the Jews try and extradite or arrest me, it makes no difference, the mission will go on. There are other forces at work here. Forces that none can see or hear or even feel except the creator. The Jews and their allies can be squashed to pieces just by dropping from the sky various neutron bombs to completely eliminate them. A Hiroshima/Nagasaki type assault is literally the only solution. There is no doubt about it. The Jews can make all sorts of death or legal threats against me however their existence needs to be abolished permanently.

Finally, without any further ado, I am no longer a Canadian citizen.

1 down ! Zillion more to kill !!!

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Will said...

Hi Alex.
I wish he would just hand in his Canadian citizenship and ship off to the stone from wich he crowled under.