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Jul 22, 2010

What Gazans really want ? huh !?...


What Gazans really want

"People here seem increasingly unable to imagine a political solution to their ills. Ask Gazans how to solve the Palestinian-Israeli conflict — two states? One state? — and the answer is mostly a reflexive call to drive Israel out.

“'Hamas and Fatah are two sides of the same coin,' Ramzi, a public school teacher from the city of Rafah, said in a widely expressed sentiment. 'All the land is ours. We should turn the Jews into refugees and then let the international community take care of them...'

"Families are big. From 1997 through 2007, the population increased almost 40 percent, to 1.5 million. Palestinians say that large families will help them cope as they age, and more children mean more fighters for their cause...

“...said Abdel Qader Ismail, 24, a former employee of the military intelligence service, with no trace of irony. 'We believe in Israel’s right to exist, but not on the land of Palestine. In France or in Russia, but not in Palestine. This is our home.'”
Article here.

Forty percent population growth in 10 years? Talk about a genocide of mass delusion.

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