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Jul 6, 2010

Robert Spencer is the most dangerous !


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Islam hater speaks for SD
Published: 2010-07-05
The author Robert Spencer speak today .

Almedal. Sweden Democrats are using Almedalen to propagate against Islam - with the help of the American Islamophobic Robert Spencer .

- He is one of the most dangerous type , "says Mohammed Kharraki , president of Sweden's Young Muslims .

The author Robert Spencer believe that a Muslim lobby seeks to destroy Western society . He argues that the West is threatened to be forced into Islam . Today he speaks in Almedalen the Sweden Democrats .

"Should take over Europe "

- The Muslim audience would like to expand the influence of the West to establish enclaves in Western Europe . As in Malmo where Islamic law is , in reality , "said Spencer on his view of Sweden .

You see Islam as a real threat to the West ?

- Yes, of course . Islam's goal is to dominate , not dominated . It said the Prophet Mohammed . There are numerous witnesses who heard Muslim leaders say that Islam will take over Europe and the U.S. , "he says .

SD 's Inter- National Secretary , Kent Ekeroth , agrees:

- Jihad is a long-term threat to Sweden and Europe . We already see tendencies : demands for Sharia law in Sweden , adaptations of the community and violence in the wake of a large Muslim population in Gothenburg and Rosengard , "he says .

How do you see that Spencer is accused of Islamophobia ?

- Islamophobia is when you have an unwarranted fear of anything , but our fear of Islam is not unfounded and there is Robert Spencer to explain , "says Kent Ekeroth .

" Strong racist views "

But Mohammed Kharraki , president of Sweden's young Muslims , is critical :

- Robert Spencer is one of a group of debaters who have very strong racist views . He tries to paint a picture of Muslims as a threat to society , "he says .

1 comment:

Will said...

Hi Alex.
Oh my God he really looks dangerous and deranged and delusional.It must be contagious i can feel it creeping up in me also!