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Jul 4, 2010

The M/F has 9 Lives !

Private intelligence agency opens file on Facebook terror threat

By Lori Mueller
Staff Reporter

The Facebook profile of Paul Bailey leaves a variety of questions open. Bailey is the name used on a Facebook profile that is listed as creator of a Facebook-based group calling themselves KILL A JEW DAY.

According to Kayla Cohen, Deputy Director of Cyber Security at Griffith Colson Intelligence Service, a private intelligence communications agency in Los Angeles and Washington, her division has already determined that both the name and profile photo are fakes.

“We have matched the profile photo to a variety of other social networking profiles online and it seems to be used in other venues”, said Cohen in a statement to The Hartford Times Examiner, “As far as the site, GCIS has taken steps to report this to Facebook, as well as a memorandum report to the FBI.”.

Cohen says the KILL A JEW DAY profile is clearly considered cyber terrorism and that her division has opened a file to monitor the online activities of both the Paul Bailey profile and the KILL A JEW DAY.

Cohen also saluted the keen vigilance of Facebook users Leah Cohen Davis and Adam Kratt, who brought the threat to the attention of GCIS Deputy Director of Communications Alysyn Bourque. Bourque immediately activated an alert status and GCIS went into defensive mode. Cohen said GCIS partner, NAIS Director Ralph Thomas also began networking the alert immediately.

Cohen said that she monitors a variety of similar profiles daily and will await a response from the Palo Alto offices of Facebook.

Versiom #1

Version #2

ACTION ALERT! REPORT ***ANOTHER*** "KILL A JEW DAY" EVENT! (3rd in the past few Days) *UPDATE*

Vesion #3

As you can see by the wall posts in the newest group, we're upsetting the Jew haters, getting all their material deactivated. That said, the new "Kill a Jew" Day page is here. GONE! ANOTHER JIDF SUCCESS! However, there is still the "I hate it when your trying to kill a jew......and it casts a spell on you" and the "Jewish gas chamber party!" page too, as well as the "kill all Jews" page. Click these pages, report them, share this post, tweet about it, and make sure you cite the JIDF as the source, as your readers deserve to have the most up-to-date and comprehensive information on this content, which is always here (and has been for over 2 years.)

To report the pages, you click the links, scroll down and look for the "report" link on either the right-hand side (if it's an event) or left-hand side (if it's a page or group).

This is the third page to go up like this in the past few days (after the first two were removed, due to our effort, see
here and here).

This is precisely why Facebook needs to take more proactive measures (ie. deactivating accounts responsible for, and taking part, in, this material). Facebook must implement IP bans on people involved in such material. Finally, law enforcement should get involved, Facebook should be subpoenaed, the IP's of the people threatening and inciting violence should be obtained, and legal action should be immediately pursued.

These are the same things we've been advocating for over 2 years. Facebook's response (or lack thereof) is abhorrent. They refuse to be proactive on these issues. This is directly thanks to Mark Zuckerberg, who,
as we reported in April 2008, thinks that Facebook should not be proactive on antisemitism:
Recently Shimon Peres suggested that Israelis and Jews worldwide use Facebook to fight anti-semitism in addition to inviting Mark Zuckerberg to Israel. I asked him about his thoughts on Facebook as a tool to fight anti-semitism and if Facebook would take proactive measures to fight against it. Mark believes that Facebook needs to focus on building useful communication tools and that the users can use these tools to connect and generate more worldly perspectives. As such Facebook does not need to be proactive about it. When asked about whether he will visit Israel next year, he said maybe.


Will said...

Hi Alex.
The hate towards Jews is nothing new and i don't expect it to dissapear overnight.But it worries me to see that official instances so called to combat racism already use 2 different scales in their reporting and handling cases.The fight is lost before hand i would say.
Interesting in their report is how much text they print about Muslims and how little text they consider to the persecution of Jewish people.
PS: whenever i come from your feed it's impossible to leave a comment the comment box doesn't show the word verification.

Alexander Münch said...

And how did you manage to stick this one? I don't see the word because I'm the Administrator... my be you are too?...