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Jul 4, 2010

"Americans cannot survive without the Persian Gulf" ... WRONG !

DM: Inspection of Iranian Cargo Ships Imperils Regional Security

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi warned about the dire consequences of a UN Security Council mandate for the inspection of Iranian vessels, stressing that any such move would endanger security in the region.

"As regards inspection of (the Iranian) ships, there are one or two countries which pursue the issue and have made some comments about it, and this indicates that these people don't pay any attention to security issues in the region and the world," Vahidi told reporters on Wednesday.

"We don't think that other countries which are interested in security issues in the region and the world step into this incorrect course and do such incorrect actions," he said, referring to some alleged media reports that some of Iran's neighbors have decided to collaborate with the West in the implementation of the contents of the UN Security Council resolution against Iran, including inspection of Iranian ships.

Iranian officials say that the UN Security Council's latest resolution which calls for restrictions on the country's shipping industry as well as goods coming to and leaving Iran is in violation of the international law.

Last week, Iranian Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani stressed that Tehran will take retaliatory measures in case Iran-bound air and ship cargoes come under inspection by the West.

"We warn the US and certain adventurist countries that if they are tempted to inspect Iranian air and ship cargos, we will take tough action against their ships in the Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman," Larijani said.

Also, Commander of the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps Naval Forces Ali Fadavi said last Wednesday that the IRGC will take retaliatory measures in case Iran-bound cargo ships come under inspection by the West.

"If they resort to such a silly act in accordance with their illegitimate and illegal resolution, we would in the Persian Gulf and at the Strait of Hormoz react with a very special and very appropriate move, relying on the grace of God, and our might and capabilities that have drastically improved compared to the era of our holy defense (i.e. Iraqi-imposed war on Iran in 1980s)," Fadavi reiterated.

"The Persian Gulf is the center, and the most sensitive point of the entire world and Americans cannot survive without the Persian Gulf and we can exert as much pressure as we might wish on this strait anytime we are willing to," he added.

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