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Jul 7, 2010

Will somebody blast this shit out of our Galaxy !

Will somebody blast this shit out of our Galaxy !

We are an international team of security experts that consider the Jewish community to be a National and International Security Threat. We have compiled evidence from various different sources in proving our point as to which group of people (Jews) are perpetrating most of the terrorist attacks today and blaming it on others (Muslims, White Nationalists).

Whether you look at terrorist attacks like the Lockerbie bombings, the first World Trade Center attacks in 1993, the Alfred P Murrah building in Oklahoma City, the Kenya and Tanzania Embassy bombings, the USS Cole attacks, 9-11, 7-7, 3-11, or bombings throughout India, Iraq, Iran, Indonesia, Occupied Palestine, Pakistan,the Philippines, the Russian Federation, Trinidad, and elsewhere, you will see Jews as being the main perpetrators despite the fabricated narratives and official convictions of innocent Muslims. The Jews have been identified as a security threat for anyone and everyone, including themselves. Where are the human rights groups protecting the rights of innocent Muslims falsely accused of terrorism? Why are they not targetting Jewish terrorists?

Almost all, if literally not all, of the Muslims accused of carrying out terrorist attacks, or attempting such operations, in Europe and North America are innocent. In a post-9-11 world, they are all innocent. Even if they are convicted, it is because various nation states under the toxic influence of the Jews within it and outside are manipulating and using diplomatic muscle in prosecuting and convicting them. A conviction by law does not not reflect the reality of there being no terrorist threat from Muslims. Cage Prisoners has been documenting the locking up of innocent Muslims in Europe, North America, and Guantanamo Bay over the last eight years. Names like Richard Reid, Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, Zakarias Moussaoui, Zakaria Amara, Najibullah Zazi,the Lackawanna Six, amongst countless others (hundreds if not thousands) are classic examples of completely innocent Muslims being framed and set up to look like terrorists. Initially they plead innocent. However, their confessions after spending often years in prison tend to be based on torture or pressure to themselves, or outright direct threats to their families. There is no international terrorist group called "Al Qaeda". There is no real terrorist threat from Muslims, but they are mainly from members of the psychopathic Jewish community.

On the other hand, those who are militarily participating in the Islamic Liberation movements in various parts of the world are not terrorists. Nor are they insurgents. These resistance movements are legitimate and enjoy popular support. They are doing God's Work by killing foreign invaders and local traitors. If these nation states under the influence of the Jews located internally or externally claim such Godly and honourable men as being "terrorists" while being true heroes, wait and see what the future has in store for the Jews and their Allies. When foreign troops enter Western countries, and begin a permanent extermination and genocide of the Jews and their allies/supporters, those who fight back we shall also label as being "insurgents" and "terrorists".

Every single Muslim in North America and Europe has a right to go and physically fight along side the Islamic resistance groups in the various regions under external occupation (Afghanistan, Iraq, Kashmir, Lebanon, Palestine, Somalia, and other places). Even if they reside in countries that are participating in those theatres of War and are actively engaged in occupying Muslim countires. Why is that? The reason for that is simply this: the Jews are perpetrating most of the terrorist atrocities in the Africa, Europe, North America, the Middle East, and other countries, which they blame on innocent Muslims and occasionally White Nationalists. The local traitors in these countries (Australia, Canada, Spain, the Russian Federation, the United Kingdom, the United Staes, amongst others) allow the Jews to enter and blow things up in order to wage a deceptive Global War on Islam. The terrorists and traitors within these nations are mostly Jews, crypto-Jews, part-Jews, or other Gentile (often Masonic) agents of World Jewry. Those Gentiles who cover up for Jewish terrorists are traitors to their own home countries (whether Gentile or Jews). Therefore, the disloyalty of Gentiles to the Security of their own country implies that Muslims do not have any need to worry about loyalty issues when it comes to which side to pick in these wars. Yes, the vast majority of the people in the Western countries are disloyal to their own interests by not only allowing terrorist and treacherous Jews to enter their lands but also covering up for either both attempted and/or successful terrorism by this group of people. Thus, the Muslims should not have to give a second tehought about entering countries and fighting against the Armies of the Nation States which they are citizens of.

This is not a Takiyya ! (me)

The authors of this website demand that each and every single Muslim framed for terrorist atrocities they didn't do or intend to, but were apprehended based on deceptive allegations by the State be immediately released and freed. There is no need to even re-open the case when their innocence is obvious and can be always proven if the court proceedings are transparent. A demand is harmless when there is no military force to back it up. If these demands are not met, a military solution in the very near future will definitely take care of matters.

This is not a Takiyya ! (me)

We further encourage Muslim leaders (including those who are part of resistance groups) who have the best interests of their nations in mind, to immediately begin lobbying to have Jew infested lands like Australia, Belgium, Canada, Holland, the United States, Ukraine,Russia, and elsewhere be permanently cleaned out.

This is not a Takiyya ! (me)

They should do this by constantly lobbying nations and rising powers like China and North Korea to launch a full scale military invasion into Europe and North America in order to get rid of the Jewish security and terrorist threat within it.

We do realize that almost no Nation State in the modern world will send out troops to protect the lives of individuals from ethnic and/or religious communities in any given region that the majority of of its inhabitants affilate with. Therefore, in order to facilitate such an invasion, perks will be given to the countries involved in such invasions. Therefore, if an invasion in the United States, Canada, and else where are arranged in order to eliminate the Jews, then these nation states will be having its human and natural resources occupied and perhaps exploited. Even if it is done temporarily, it will be required in order to eradicate the Jewish threat. No army will invade for free or humanitarian reasons.

Furthermore, we do recognize that the frame ups of completely innocent Muslims is only a symptom of the problem. The problem is that the Jewish community has plunged its tentacles into too many spheres within the civilizational and cultural institutions of these countries. They are involved in banking, commerce, education, government, law, media, medicine, religion, and last but not least - matters of national and international asecurity (which can mean the ultimate life and death of society).

Here are the key pointers that we must always keep in mind when dealing with the Jewish question:
- Get the Jews out of banking and they cannot control the economic life of the community.
- Get the Jews out of education and they cannot pervert the minds of the young.
- Get the Jews out of government and they cannot betray the nation.
- Get the Jews out of media and they cannot defile the culture.
- Get the Jews out of medicine and they cannot invalidate the Hippocratic oath
- Get the Jews out of law and they cannot corrupt the truth.

This is not a Takiyya ! (me)

It is the duty of this blog's Administrator, to prevent from all kinds of shit from getting in ( or getting out!... ), but, as an amateur "Alchemist", he finds great pleasure and satisfaction in converting any kind of shit - into pure GOLD ! ( As in the case above ! )

The Paragraph above should be written so :-

Here are the key pointers that we must always keep in mind when dealing with the ISLAMIST question:
- Get the ISLAMISTS out of banking and they cannot RUIN the economic life of the community.
- Get the ISLAMISTS out of education and they cannot MAKE the minds of the young think of 72 Virgins.
- Get the ISLAMISTS out of government and they cannot DESTROY the nation from within.
- Get the ISLAMISTS out of media and they cannot BEHEAD you for watching the ' word cup '.
- Get the ISLAMISTS out of medicine and they cannot PRACTICE their Hypocritical oath!
- Get the ISLAMISTS out of law and they cannot CHOP your hand off for stealing a pizza.

This is not a Takiyya ! (me)

Last but not least: get the Jews out of National Security and they cannot engage in terrorist attacks or open the gates to the enemies: both external or internal.

Thus, we will end this by saying that the End of the Jews is near at hand. Can you imagine what a world would be like without anymore Jews?



This too, is not a Takiyya ! (me)

This filth was written too good !

Looks to me, as a job of a "profesional" !

What ever his name, and who ever he is :-

May the SHAITAN poke his right eye out,

And fuck him in the empty hole !

I'll do the same to the left one !



Jews Joke About America Losing Its Wars Against Muslim Nations

Click to read more ( if it still exists... )

Posted on 02 July 2010

This has got to be a classic Jewish way of doing things and making a mockery of America�s loss of face in the world stage. We have both Kosher and Shabbos Goyim clowns in the U.S. Senate and the Military engaging in typical verbal masturbation that Judenrats learn in their Yeshivas. The main protagonists of this comic showdown were the Jews/part-Jews General Petraeus, Senators Carl Levin, and John McCain (his grandmother was the infamous Jenny Jacobson who gave birth to Winston Churchill) and the absolutely idiotic Shabbos Goyim (or partial and/or Crypto-Jews?) Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen and Defense Secretary Robert Gates. The Jews and their Western mercenaries have lost in Afghanistan and Iraq quite decisively, and they show a brazen display of incompetence. I guess anywhere the Jews go, there is disaster!

Salman An-Noor

American tragi-comedy

Heard Any Good War Jokes Lately?
by Jeff Huber at

Jewish Terror Operations Within Turkey Now Exposed And Prosecuted!

Posted on 04 July 2010

Finally, the truth about about the Ergenekon Jewish and crypto-Jewish terrorist organization is being exposed due to the prosecution that the Turkish Islamic government is directing towards a significant portion of their members. The Ergenekon is the code word that refers to Turkish deep state military intelligence that inherited its agenda, operatives, and organization right in the aftermath of the disbanding of the Committee for Union and Progress (?ttihat ve Terakki Cemiyeti) which was headed and directed by the crypto-Jewish �Young Turks� revolutionaries. They are operating within not only the military and covert intelligence but also within the context of the media apparatus, mainstream academia, journalists, politicians, judges, lawyers, and many other legal professions. One of their main objectives would be to keep religion out of the socio-political and economic lifestyle of the country�s population. Other objectives would also include attempts to engage in black propaganda and false flag attacks against ethnic and religious minorities like the Armenians, Kurds, Alevis, Shi�ites, Christians, the Islamic AK Party, and even the occasional Jew here and there. Other plots would also include unsuccessful plots to overthrow whichever government favors Islamic or Christian (mainly Armenian) interests over Jewish interests. Other black propaganda or attempted terrorist attacks would target those who were dissidents of the government if it favored Crypto-Jewish interests and those operating within the state infrastructure if it favored Islamic and Nationalist interests. This also includes the framing of innocent individuals, Muslims or not, in terrorist atrocities or other forms of unwanted violence and murder against civilians.

The authors of this report have officially admitted to the reality of the Ergenakon. However, the authors belong to a group calling itself the �Young Civilians� and are modeled after the �Young Turks� crypto-Jewish committee that overthrew the Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II over a century ago (1908) and they also appear to be infiltrated, directed, and controlled by certain crypto-Jews. Just by reading certain terminologies in the document below (�Islamist�) which virtually Muslims worldwide do not use or are not accustomed to utilizing, the absence of mentioning crypto-Jewish hands as the perpetrators of almost all of the assassinations, atrocities, massacres, and terrorism in addition to the push for �democracy� and promoting the Turkish Republic enter as a legitimate candidate for the European Union, we can see that the crypto-Jewish authors of the organization are trying to make the best of a very bad situation by pretending to support justice and truth. In order to gain legitimacy and support from a Judeophilic (Jew-loving) and brainwashed Western population, they even include statements of support and acknowledgement of the activities of the government against these operatives of this clandestine organization, by members of the mainstream Jewish community. Crypto-Jewish names and related connections are mentioned as major suspects in this organization.

The evidence against this secret society of Jewish terrorists include tens of thousands of pages of documents, plans for assassinations, formation of secret death squads and hit teams (i.e. JITEM), coup d�etates, and terrorist attacks. Other evidence also includes the possession of explosives, weapons,list of members, the legal proof of existence of the organization, lists of failed and successful operations, and connections to various Jews and crypto-Jewish individuals within academic and journalist circles, the media, other institutions, and the socio-political and military infrastructure of the country.

Crypto-Jews named in this brief include the following persons: Abdullah Catli (pronounced Jatli), Ibrahim Tolon, lawyer Alparslan Arslan (who killed a judge that legalized the wearing of the hijab), General Ilker Basbug (not officially connected to any illegal activity although he shows sympathy with the accused), General Cetin (pronounced Jetin) Dogan, General Altay Tokat, Ibrahim Sahin, Colonel Dursun �i�ek, Admiral �zden �rnek., Retired Gen. Levent Ers�z,Ex-chief of General Staff, Gen. Hilmi �zk�k, Ex-Land Forces Commander Gen. Ayta� Yalman, Retired Capt. Muzaffer Tekin, Retired Gen. Veli K���k, Oktay Yildirim,Tuncay GuneyY, Do?u Perincek, Mehmet Zekeriya �zturk, Sevgi Erenerol, �mit Oguztan, Ex-Gendarmerie General Command General Eruygur, Nokta Editor-in-Chief Alper G�rm�?, amongst many others in addition to many other openly subversive associations and organizations led by other crypto-Jews.

1 comment:

Will said...

Hi Alex.
About your new found"friend" here above:
Salman Hossain, a former York University student hailing from Mississauga, Ontario.

After Hossain’s eventual suspension from York University, a criminal investigation by CSIS, the RCMP and OPP dating back to 2007 was re-opened. In 2009, Ontario Attorney General Chris Bentley did not charge Hossain due to the length of time of the investigation. This lead to a promise by Bentley to streamline the process of approving hate-related charges for similar cases.

However, on April 1, 2010, months after the investigation and the proposed charges were underway, Hossain wrote on his site: “The Final Solution will be to eliminate the Terrorist Jewish community via mass executions from the face of this Earth."

Hossain currently does not face any charges and continues to write threatening posts along with his other supporters. The National Post attempted to hold an interview with him but he refused. Later, the newspaper received an email from his “official spokesman” saying: "You need to stop your harassment of Mr. Hossain, because he's not the only one calling for your execution.... Every last Jew on planet Earth needs executed IMMEDIATELY
I didden't know Canada allowed this kind of filth in the country obviously they act a lot quicker when someone speaks out against Islam,i wonder why?