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Jul 2, 2010

THIS I call:- a KILLER !!!

SUCCESS! Within 12 Hours JIDF Takes Out "Kill a Jew" Day Event!

From the founder of the JIDF:


I remember the days when I was reporting the thousands of pages antisemitic and jihadists pages I kept finding on Facebook, alone, and getting nowhere. Slowly, I got more people from my various email lists to pay attention to this stuff. We eventually created the first JIDF Facebook group to document, coordinate, and continue to expose the issues. (Unfortunately, without warning or reason, and despite thousands of emails demanding reinstatement and answers from Facebook, they censored that group and never bothered to respond.)

Despite thousands of people reporting helping to report the material in a coordinated fashion by the JIDF, Facebook rarely took any action to remove the content, which was blatantly against Facebook's Terms of Service. It was only after we started getting international mainstream media attention that Facebook started to react to our work, but it would still take weeks and sometimes months for Facebook to respond.

Today, as you can see, our work has started to pay off. Within 12 hours, Facebook removed the "Kill a Jew" Day event, thanks to our action alert and to everyone who helped to report the page, and get the word out to their networks. Hundreds of people shared the alert on Twitter and on Facebook. It has really made a difference.

However, the people who created and were involved with the "Kill a Jew" Day event will most likely get to stay on the platform, and that brings me much sadness, especially as I'm not allowed on Facebook because I refused to share information about myself which would put my life at risk.

I believe Facebook should make exceptions to some of their rules for activists who are concerned about their privacy and safety, but they won't.

In any event, this one page was just one small sample of the type of problems there are online. The work is endless. Non-stop. A full time job that requires constant vigilance.

Therefore, if you support our work and want to see more success like this, click here, or the banner below to contribute. No amount is too small. We feel everyone with an internet connection should be able to afford $5/month, so that would be great if you could make a commitment on that level, if you'd like to continue seeing us coordinate massive effort to remove the hatred and incitement.

Also, throughout this process we have learned a lot about how to get our message out effectively and can now reach over 240,000 people online. If you're interested in reaching our network, you can contact me to discuss our advertising and consultation packages available to help your own efforts to help promote your business, organization, or cause.

I'm just trying to do everything in my power to keep the effort going and growing.

Thank you for being an important part of it.

Shabbat Shalom!

David Appletree

Jewish Internet Defense Force
Leading the Fight!

This I call :- SALUTE !


Will said...

Hi alex.
One down - 1.2 billion jew haters more to go!

S said...

Sexy Salute!

Will said...

Hi alex.
There's again another one up,thelatest was number 3 it's a joke why does facebook aloow them to keep creating new ones?