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Jul 12, 2010

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If 10 000 000 people join, the Jews have to say sorry for killing Jesus.

The Jews were responsible for bringing Him before the Romans to have him crucified. Had the Jews of the time not taken Jesus to them and pleaded for His death, He never would have died. So, the Jews of the time are quite responsible for His death, as much as the Roman who pounded the nails into His hands.

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Anna Vallone,

I'm sorry !

I'm sorry for not waiting 1977 years so I could nail YOU on the cross !

Personally !!!


Will said...

Hi Alex.
This is one of my favorite idiocies"The Jews killed Jezus".Anyone with a bit of brains and knowledge of history could tell you that Jezus suffered a ROMAN punishment not a Jewish one. if the Jews would have killed him they could and would according to Jewish law at that time have stoned him!But he recieved a capital punishment by the ROMANS a punishment reserved for murderers or revolutionaries.

Will said...

And aren't that the same Muslims who say he didden't die on the cross??

Alexander Münch said...

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