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Oct 31, 2009

" Snake Oil ..."

"The Islamic Republic is an establishment built upon the foundation of Islam...and it has made achievements"

=== ""When science is founded upon faith and Islam, no one will be able to stop it,"" ===

The Nobel Prize Committee has just announced that the next combined Nobel Prize for Science, Peace & Human Right will be granted to the " Basij Laboratories in the Institute of the Revolutionary Science and Technology in Tehran "! The astonishing achievement made by the Basij Scientists has spared the agony from thousands of homosexuals in Iran in a blink of an eye. The technique was tested on Baha'is, Zoroastrians Christians and other LOW LIVES with fantastic results ! Minor adjustment to the procedure are necessary in order to turn this Cosmic scientific breakthrough into a universal Islamic remedy for all human sufferings including the eradication of " The Big Satan " ( and the small one!..) from the face of the earth!

Since no significant scientific discoveries are possible in the future, The Nobel Prize committee is proud to declare, that the Committee will disperse itself by using the newly discovered " The Ultimate Snake Oil From Tehran " !

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