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Oct 7, 2009


Presidential Job Approval

Jews, Non-Religious Most Likely to Approve of Obama

Jews, Non-Religious Most Likely to Approve of Obama

October 2, 2009
At 65%, non-religious Americans are the most likely of any religious group in the U.S. to approve of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president, Jewish Americans are the second most likely group to approve at 64%, and Mormons are the least likely group to approve at 32%.

U.S. Jews Lead Other Religious Groups in Support of Obama

Dip in approval among Jews similar to that among general public

October 2, 2009
Gallup Daily tracking for the month of September found 64% of U.S. Jews approving of the job Barack Obama is doing as president, significantly higher than the 52% national average in September, and higher than was seen last month among Catholics, Protestants, and
Mormons.More ...

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