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Oct 7, 2009

'Shock Absorber'

IMI introduces 'Shock Absorber'

Military Industries develops innovative defense system meant to intercept anti-tank missiles. System first of its kind; spark interest of militaries worldwide

Arie Egozi

Published: 10.07.09, 10:26 / Israel News

Israel Military Industries (IMI) has developed a new, innovative defense system aimed at protecting Infantry and Armored forces from anti tank-missiles, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Wednesday.

Dubbed "Shock Absorber," the system intercepts and deflects flight paths of anti-tank missiles and is the first of its kind in the world.

The system will be featured in an IMI display in a weapons exposition in the US. Various militaries worldwide have already expressed keen interest in the system.

Shock Absorber is a portable anti-missile system, which allows is to be deployed on ground within minutes.

"The system can disrupt the paths of missile the likes of Kornet and Milan, used by Hezbollah in the Second Lebanon War," Eyal Ben-Haim, head of IMI's Land Systems Division said.

"Such missiles are controlled by a handler who navigates them to their target. Our system ensures the missile hits anywhere but where it was aimed at."

The development of Shock Absorber was part of the IDF's post-war analysis of the 2006 Lebanon campaign and it incorporated operational lessons from Operation Cast Lead in Gaza, as well.

Anti-tank missiles are considered the weapon of choice for guerilla forces and terror groups worldwide.

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