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Oct 14, 2009

Rifqa to Ohio ?, wait.... Joooey Cohen first!

Joooey Cohen Makes Fox News

"This is the liquid I use to wash the medication (whitch I have to take 7 times a day ! ) down my throat instead of the 'Liquid Drain Cleaner' I was drinking till now".

"My employer, (in my new job...) insists that I shampoo my head with this liquid and shave my head with this knife to make sure that it is fit for "KOSHER" slaughter!...".

It looks as Hisbullas "bomb experts" are infected with Parkinson's DISEASE !

Give to 1000 monkeys, 1000 rockets and one of them will manage to make it go off!

"Jewish Judge" Mr. Goldstone, find these hundreds "duplex" houses and empty the first floors in each one of them of their deadly content or evacuate all the 'little innocent children' on the second floors! Otherwise you will be busy for life !... Or you prefer no to become unemployed?...

I'm cracking up!
This slow motion utinesia is driving me nuts!
How can a 17 years old Rifka keep on thinking rationally and live her present life with such dignity and determination under this pressure?
It is beyond my grasp!!

@ Alexander Munch

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to say this..... :)

You wonder how can she not crack under the pressure? That's the glory, that's the power, that's the beauty of having Christ living within oneself..... :)

Judge Dawson ! Listen to me !
Issue an Global arrest warrant against Rifka's "PARENTS & Co," NOW ! On grounds :-
1 - Rifkas "Parents & Co." initiated this ' MACABRE COURT PROCEEDING ' in order to:-
  • Hide the fact that their presents the US is illegal!
  • Hide the fact that Violence, Degradation, Insult and much more were Rifka's daily bread in he past!
  • The "Forces" involved, are driven by a Mafia code of honor ! (See "Don Corleone" ! )
  • Parents, who allow their "beloved daughter" go trough this HELL, should be put in front of a firing squad!
  • And her little brother... What is his purpose in life today? And what if he says :- Sorry, "I'm a ' vegetarian ?"....
  • More to come!
2 - The most basic rights:- To Live,To Exist, To think + 1000 other things which YOU CONSTITUTION WAS DESIGN TO PROTECT, are cynically violated minute by minute by elements whose sole "AGENDA" is to replace it with a "BETTER SYSTEM"... (1400 years old).
3 - Your honor Judge Dawson, I was not present at your court yesterday or at any of your court sessions in the past.
All I know that Rifka deserves Justice and above all OUR PROTECTION !
With humble respect,
The dust under your feet,




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