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Oct 10, 2010

KAFIR & PROUD ! (Re-posted}

Posted - 23/10/09

Former Iraqi establishes Nation of non-Muslims


An Iraqi fluent in Arabic represents what he calls the greatest threat to “the cult of Muhammadan Islam” – proof from their own writings that the Koran is neither divine nor original, Allah is not the God of Christians and Jews, Muhammad was not a prophet but a profiteer and that, far from being a religion of peace, the movement the founded creates only violent, nonthinking clones of its founder, frozen orever in the seventh century.

“The greatest threat to civilization and human progress in the 21st century is Fundamentalist Muhammadan Islam,” says I.Q. Al Rassooli. “Many people are oblivious or in denial. Most are still totally gnorant of the facts. Our carefully researched talks on YouTube ( aim to stimulate more open debate.

Born and educated in Iraq, Rassooli was trained to believe that Islam was the only valid belief system in the world, and merely considering any other was a terrible crime. He was taught that Sharia laws were not only just and fair, but had been dictated by Allah himself, so there was not the slightest possibility of questioning them. Blind acceptance was expected and required.

He then had the good fortune to be sent abroad for further education before his Islamic indoctrination was properly completed. As a result, he was able to investigate questions about Islam without fear. He came to see the world as the direct opposite of what he’d been taught.

“Followers of Muhammad call the rest of the world al Kuffar, meaning infidels who neither believe in Allah nor submit to Muhammad’s version of Islam. They consider our free lands Dar al Harb, or Territory of War, and they view themselves as one Ummah or ’nation’ with agents in every part of the globe who are planning to conquer us all,” he told The Christian Edition.

“This threat’s been unrelenting since Muhammad first declared war on all of mankind in his Koran. The scholars and leaders of Islam assert their intentions in every language every day, though many are evidently unaware of the meaning of either the Koran or the hadiths [teachings describing Muhammad’s life, which act asa template for his followers].

“We are their intended victims, and they feel justified in using all means mandated in the Koran to Islamize us. Subjugate, convert or slaughter – that’s their program, and they have no qualms about lying if that’s what it takes.

“Our only hope is to unite in a single, far larger network of non- and ex- Muslims everywhere. The sheer numbers of people now believing these dreadful misconceptions has already reached epidemic proportions – a realization I can only describe as terrifying.

Ummat al Kuffar means Nation of non- Muslims, and includes all Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, Bahai’s, Sikhs, Jews, Animists, Atheists, Agnostics and so on, representing 80% of humanity. Together we must commit to informing, supporting and defending each other everywhere.

“I’ve decided I would devote my life, no matter the risk or personal cost, to sharing my findings. I ask everyone not to take my word for anything but to check the facts for yourselves.”

Al Rassooli is unmoved by the death threats his lectures have already triggered.

“What?” he responds, “am I to be less brave than the soldiers who defend our freedom? Is this battle any less important?”

Look for a review of his book “Lifting the Veil: The True Faces of Muhammad and Islam” in an upcoming issue, and see



Anonymous said...

Dear Amnon & Jhonathan
Thank you so much for being among the very first to join Ummat al Kuffar world wide activist movement!
We truly appreciate the effort you put in to make the graphics although it would have been easier- we hope- if you had COPIED our instructions URL and PASTED it!
Of course also for the JP article.
You will be among our HONOURS list when we have several more subscribers.
We are hoping that by 'word of mouth' we shall connect to ONE MILLION in a few weeks!
BRAVO & God bless!
IQ al Rassooli

IQ al Rassooli said...

Hi.... and WOW! We were delighted to see that not only have you linked to our new website, AND used the proper graphical button (which we like to see) but you have also got to a lot of trouble - for which we are extremely grateful - to include the "Kafir & Proud" graphic and copy from the recent short piece in the jPost. Thanks for all of that.

Just one minor request. There seems to be a minor coding error in your blog for displaying the button/link with the spinning globe. Please would you check it. It needs to have

width="190" height="83"

to look correct. (Please see the code published on the members page for more details).

Thanks again and we'll be sure to add you to our new Honours Board when it goes live!

Kindest regards,
IQ al Rassooli

Always On Watch said...

I've got to make time to join this.

I've been intending to do so, of course.

Will said...

Hi Alex.
I completely agree with IQ,knowledge is the best weapon to opose the invasion.Only by educating people of the dangers you can stop them.And i also agree the real battle is not fought on the battlefield with weapons but with words and deceit in our towns and villages all over the world.

Will said...

Hi Mr IQ al Rassooli.
Have added your bannar to my website MFS - The Other News,as i said before when i hear you talking on the blogtalk radio it's a pleasure to hear someone finally speak out ,someone with a full knowledge of the Koran.And it's as you say and i say it's not Islamophobia ,it's Islamosophia!

Alexander Münch said...

Welcome lost brother and God bless you JIZFI !

Alexander Münch said...
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