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Oct 28, 2010

Muslim Boy Calls Out, "Heil Hitler" To My Daughter

Muslim Boy Calls Out, "Heil Hitler" To My Daughter At School Today

For the last few weeks, she had been telling me about her new Muslim friend at school. She really seemed to like the kid. And, to my mind, that is a good thing, as I would truly like us all to get along with each other, if at all possible.

She mentioned that he told her Islam was the same as Christianity, because "we believe in Jesus too," but he had not pressed the issue much. She asked me if what he said is true. I told her that the Jesus that Muslims believe in did not die on the cross for our sins, so he really isn't the same Jesus.

I asked her if her friend was nice, and she said, "Yes," so I told her that is what really matters. If people are kind, it doesn't really matter what religion they are. What really matters is behavior. But, I cautioned her never to argue with him about religion, because it simply is not worth it.

Anyway, today my daughter and some of her friends were discussing another friend of theirs, and she mentioned that the boy was Jewish.

According to my daughter, the Muslim boy's response to this bit of news was to call out, "Heil Hitler."

To which my daughter tells me she replied, "Hey dude, my Grandfather is Jewish."

I asked her how her Muslim friend reacted, and she said she didn't know because she turned her back and walked away from him.

I only wish we could simply turn away from this problem. But, we really can't, can we?

posted by Pastorius

1 comment:

Will said...

Hi Alex,
The school has failed in his educational capacity,the parents of the boy have failed as parents to integrate in to a peacefull society.Islam does not integrate just look at the examples all over the world.The existance of America as a free democracy is treathened as never before in it's existance.