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Oct 6, 2010

About Death Threats

Pamela Geller
About Death Threats
& "the electronic lynch mob"

fears for his family forced him to delete the post and quit blogging altogether....

What would force you bloggers to shut up?

In my view, the threat of losing one's job already prevents many from exercising their First Amendment right to freedom of speech. In these trying economic times, exercising caution is a wise step, I think.
Many of us bloggers and commenters already use pseudonyms - for various reasons, of course. In my case, I use a pseudonym so as to protect the safety of my students. I admit that, at my age, I'm no longer much concerned with my own personal safety.*** I will also admit that, from day one of blogging, I have had some concerns about litigation consequences.

My question to you:

Is the use of pseudonyms a form of self-censorship that we bloggers should avoid?

Your comments to the above question and to the news item itself are welcome.

Dear AOW,

As I have told you earlier on your Blog, once it was my Ex... today only this can shut me up!

Now, to the tough question!

My unforgettable Math teacher "Abke" ( Avraham Leviush ) told me long time ago :-
"Alex, a good question contains in itself half of the answer. But, it still deserves a full one !"
I have no problem with pseudonyms, nicknames, AKA, pen names, Aliases etc. as long as they are not vulgar and are excepted by the "Victim"! Pseudo or not, it is still a name! It is (mostly) unique, identifiable from many, and above all PRIVATE ! Many people in history are known by their pseudonym and not by their real name :- Tito, Che, Picasso, The Red Baron, George Orwell and many others! The nickname 'Abuamnon' shouldn't bother you for as long as the same name appears on your Blog and on BTR's chat... Ahmmm, Prisoners have numbers!... ( And I'm not gona tell you what they called me in high school !...).
'Anonymous', is a completely different story. Not only that he is Faceless he is also Nameless! TOTAL INCOGNITO! That's the Blogger's ultimate BURKA !


I divide the Anonymouses into three groups.
1 - The shy --- 2 - The scared--- 3 - The psychopaths

The shy Anonymous is afraid that his wife will come to him and say:- "I saw the comment you wrote on AOW's blog yesterday! You are a MORON! You are an IMBECILE! I want a DIVORCE!"

The scared one is afraid from his Boss! " Is this what you are doing during the working hours? "

The psychopath is paralyzed from fear! He is terrified that I'll recognize him on the street and say to him:-" Sabah al hir ya Muhamad ! Kif Halak ya ami?"...

As you see AOW, In all 3 categories the common denominator is FEAR ! I'm not impressed! Certainly not from the Psycho - because I take more psychiatric medication then he does! And I always can take a day off...

Yesterday, I was following an exchange of words between Pasto and a Troll. There were six anonymouses involved. I had difficulties sorting them out. Which Ano' is which... Ano' #1 answering to Ano' #2 !... or to himself...

I admire your diligent fight in defending the 'First Amendment' in the Constitution of the United States of America ! I like 'the fifth' better!...

*** I'm here !


Will said...

Hi Alex.
The first question which the priest and the Levite asked was: "If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?" But... the good Samaritan reversed the question: "If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?"
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Always On Watch said...

Sorry to be late to this post. My work schedule is crazy these days -- not to mention tending to Mr. AOW.

Anyway, I completely agree with you about those who call themselves "Anonymous." Sheesh! What a cop out!