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Oct 3, 2010

About "Islamophobia" ( And other stuff )

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A'jad speaks at the UN

About "Islamophobia"
( And other stuff )

What? Me "Islamophob"? Yes ! & Proud of it !!!

On Sep 30th at 22:00 LT, the counter of this blog crossed the 20,000th visitor ( Jonathan !... You are most welcome my son ).
"Bloggy" was born on Jan 16, 2009. "He" had an older "brother" who 'died' at birth ...
As a single parent ( without a partner!... makes you wonder, huh?... ), this new born came to the world at the most difficult moment of my life! The Gringos call it :- "In Between Jobs Twilight Time"....
At that time, I was busy e-mailing my CV, Resume, Recommendations etc. to potential employers and Job ads with a hope that "the more stones you throw, the greater is the chance to get a hit" ( I had to use 164 "stones"... ).
The waiting for a reply was a nerve wrecking experience ! I checked my phone every 5 minutes to see if the line is still O.K. !... Killing the "empty time" was another nightmare. So, I downloaded a Freeware program called "THE REAL RANDOM BLOG FINDER" in order to do my 'surfing' on the NET more exiting,practical and useful.
Each one of us can easily put his/her finger on a certain moment in life which made it to change course! ( some times 180 degrees! ). One of my "Life Changing Moments" was when I clicked the "New Random Blog" button. Suddenly a whole new world was discovered ! A castrated house wife telling me why she hates her husband, "Simply Zus" with her ugly new baby, Homosexual telling me the story of his life ( in Spanish...), Israeli Arab arrested for cyber-sabotage of Israeli websites,"me & Emerson Elaine" - Oh Yes, I am That Woman, ooops, what was it about the Israeli Arab ? search... search... history... find... BINGO ! "Team Evil": Israeli Arab arrested for cyber-sabotage of Israeli websites I love this shit ! So, I read it ! And I got furious ! And I read more all the way down and the posts of December ! Then I really got MAD ! Most of the posts were signed by someone calling himself Robert. I liked the way he writes, his English is almost as good as Aba Ebans' !... So, I asked Rabbi Google, who is this Robert ? That's the one! The Rabbi replayed in a split of a second.

Robert Spencer
Funny face... my beard is nicer!

Now I got even more curious. I started digging in his Monthly Archives and the time just disappeared ! I didn't check if my telephone line is working for a whole week!... And then I looked at the long list of Links and names on the side bar... Mama Mia ! You are not going to believe what I have found there! Huge gold mine with no guard waiting to be robbed ! Look, and this is only a small sample :- Always on Watch American Thinker Atlas Shrugs Daniel Pipes Infidel Blogger's Alliance Weasel Zippers Mark Steyn David Horowitz and on and on ! See Links .
Then I started to dig deeper into these Blogs. All of them in Alphabetical order! I was in a state of a SHOCKA ! ! !
How do they do that ? How do you get a template ? What is IP ? What is HTML ? What is JavaScript ? All I know is "Assembly", "Fortran", "Visual Basic" and a bit of "Pascal" and they all are dead languages! Where do I start ? W...? ,W...? ,W...? ,W...? ,W...? x Zillion times! In my despair, I clicked the "New Random Blog" and guess what popped-up !? This :-

After a long hesitation I clicked and Blogger's Form jumped on the screen asking me:-
What will the new born baby's name be ?
Holy shit ! That's a tough one ! As you know - Choosing a name for a baby, determines his destiny !!!
It is also said that :- "The spirit of the Holy Providence is upon the name giver". Fact !
Suddenly, I remembered that I was in a similar situation 19 years earlier when I had to choose names for A&J. BINGO !
Hallo World ! A&J are on the WEB ! Now go and eat your heart out !
Then I clicked and picked this stupid template, IP, IPS, CNN, BBC and the whole lot ! Now comes the big moment, THE TEST ! Come on ! Don't be a chicken ! CLICK HERE !

Ah! I almost forgot ! The topic is :- "Islamophobia"
Let me put straight a few things in advance before I give to the world "MY PIECE OF MIND" on the subject !
  • I declared myself as "ISLAMOPHOBE" because the "BACKLASHOPHOBES" couldn't invent anything better !
  • I let the Muzies Over-Use this philological marvel until inflation grinds it to dust !
  • Any first year student of psychology will tell you that violence ( in any form ) has a "Phobic element" in it.
  • I speak basic Arabic with a Northern Palestinian ( Galilean ) dialect !
  • The northern part of Tvion ( my home town ), is called "Basmat Tabaun" ! 100 % Arab ! I can hear the Muezzin!
  • My supervisor's name is Haled ! He is not a Norwegian ! ( Thanks God ! ).
  • If ever I decide to commit an successful suicide, I will walk to Gaza !
  • Do I know any "Moderate Muslims" ? YES !
  • Do I believe in Peace ? With the Palestinians ? - YES ! With the Muslim world ? - NO !!!
My parents immigrated to Israel from Yugoslavia ( they took me with them... ) in 1956. There was a Canadian option...
I joined the IDF in 1965 and released from reserve duty in 1996. During that time I "Visited" all Israel's neighbors (without a Visa...), and met (good & bad), Egyptian Arabs, Jordanian Arabs, Syrian Arabs, Lebanese Arabs, Palestinian Arabs in Gaza & the West Bank and of course "Our Arabs", Bedouins, Cherkessk, Druze and you name the rest. My best friend is Baha'i ! ( But I don't know if he counts !... ). The "Bad Arabs" do not worry me too much ! I'm deeply concerted about the "Good Arabs" ! ! !

That's all folks !

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