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Oct 3, 2010

'Ahmadinejad' was a good horse !

Shmoogle - Hebrew to English translation

Things he said to the Lebanese newspaper Al - Nahar, UNIFIL commander Alberto Asarta rejects that the Iranian president's visit to Lebanon in the middle of the month will bring tension and damage the calme that still prevails on the border. He also said that UNIFIL has no evidence that Hezbollah is arming itself in UNIFIL's area of jurisdiction , despite Israeli claims. However, he emphasized that UNIFIL under a mandate can not enter the private property on his own initiative to conduct searches and that it was created to assist the Lebanese army keep the peace in southern Lebanon.

However Despite what Asarta said, Lebanese sources say that the leadership of UNIFIL, is very concerned for the upcoming visit of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in particular in southern Lebanon, where he intends to throw stones and spit on Israeli soldiers near the border. UNIFIL believe tension
will rise due to Ahmadinejad's provocative visit and Israel's sensitivity on the subject.
There also are concerned about thepossibility of Hezbollah's violent activities afterthe International Court declares in the near future that Hezbollah was involved in Hariri's murder. UNIFIL reported that officials made contact with the U.S. embassy in Beirut to pressure Israel to maintain restraint.

Please note that those who are meant to secure the Ahmadinejad visit are the Hezbollah and Iranian forces.
In addition, Hezbollah and its allies are planning a festive reception for the Iranian president.

THE IDF TOO !"Ahmadinejad was a good horse !" Capish?

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