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Oct 11, 2010


  • Q - What is - ISLAMOPHOBE ?
  • A - Islamophobe is an IslaMORON who can use "superglue" without getting his fingers glued together ! The word itself is meaningless !
  • Q - And what is - BACKLASHOPHOBE ?
  • A - Backlashophobe is an IslaMORON with a Backlash glued to it ! It is not just another philological Arabesque masterpiece ! This word is the Jihadi's Almanac in Zip Code ! It is a way of life ! You can make a career with a title like this !
  • Q - And how do I become Backlashophobe ?
  • A - Very simple my friend. When you hear on the radio that an Aborigine blew himself up on a Quantas flight from Chirimiri to Mirichiri in mid air and took with him 200 lives, bang your head on the wall and call Al-Jazeera ! Tell the camera that a Jew hit you on the head with a Boing 747 engine ! Don't forget to shout " I'm a Refugee! The Mossad is after me! Call the FBI ! I need protection! Take me to the Asylum!"... ( Don't forget to show to the camera your wife's head, and shout :- " Look what the Zionists made me do ! ". Ah! One more thing. After Dr. Goldberg finishes stitching your head, slit his fuckin' throat !)

Google - Hebrew to English translation source KR8

There is reasonable suspicion that reporters and photographers took an active part in the attack which occurred Friday Oct 9th against David Barry, "Elad" Chairman and his son to produce media spin.
Photographer Number 4 is a photographer of Walla participating in the lynch.

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