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Oct 19, 2010

Requiem - Music For The Dead

Requiem - Music For The Dead

From "Atlas" :-

On last Monday night a Muslim jumped up
and danced on the altar of the Florence cathedral. Here are the exclusive pictures of the sensational incident Monday,11 October morning in the Duomo of Florence. Check this video out. More news out of Italy here.

And Pamela ends with a question :-
What would become of a Christian who had
done such a thing at a mosque in Marrakesh?

The Requiem above, isn't a tribute to that 'would be Christian martyr' !
It is my
way to use Karl Nerman's glorious music in honor of the good European values which have passed away.

1 comment:

Will said...

Hi Alex.
This is what you get when political correctness has taken over common sense.