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Oct 5, 2010



Thousands will come to demonstrate in front of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv, Whose purpose is to tell Obama directly:
"Obama, there are red lines that friends do not cross, if you're really a "friend ",
Stop now the pressure on us, you are approaching the red line which real friends do not cross"
Demonstration will take place next Monday, the -11/10/2010, at 19:00 , in front of the U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv.
As we brought thousands to demonstrate in front of the Turkish Embassy, With our love of the people and country, we will come by tens of thousands to the demonstration!
Bring signs,signs in English, flags of Israel, whistles, old shoes.

Statement of protest:
- Obama endangers Israel's security and stability in the Middle East, may result in "Iraq number two" because of his rashness.
- Obama suffers from a " Erdogan syndrome " against Israel (from a friend to enemy)
- The Israeli people will not accept the claims of Obama from Israel, not only the settlers - but much of the combative part of the people.

The purpose of the demonstration:
-Entering another factor into the political equation - the Israeli public.
- Branding Obama & comparing him to Erdogan's attitude to Israel.
-Challenging the consensus that the U.S. can maintain Israel's interests and raising the issue to public discussion.
- Exposure protocols Yom Kippur War, proves unequivocally that Israel can not abandon its security even in its "best friends" hands.
- Strengthening the sense of national dignity and maintaining the Zionist sovereignty.

Guidelines for signs and slogans in Hebrew and English:

"PresidentObama aims irresponsibly toward the Middle East and Israel in particular, for short-term political gains"
"Obama is trying to save his failed foreign policy at the expense of Israel"
"The Jewish people will not agree to the establishment of a foreign state in the heart of Israel"
"Bibi, do not let Obama get us into the ghetto"
"America can give up Ground Zero, we will not give up the West Bank"
Obama = Erdogan?
"Obama - a tradition of turning friends into enemies"
"American diktat is not a peace treaty - is an agreement of surrender"
"Obama! We do not want to be in Iraq 2
"Obama's Hutzpah knows no borders!"
"Obama, with friends like you, who needs enemies"
"Obama, don't step on the Israeli people"
"Obama, who are you to force us to give up the heart of our homeland, Judea and Samaria"
Obama suffers from the "Erdogan"syndrome:
Erdogan turned from legitimate mediator with to party in the conflict - Obama too.
Erdogan used Israel to approach the Arab countries - Obama too.
Erdogan used Israel for poliyical gain in his country - Obama too.
Erdogan Sacrificed Turkey's relationship with Israel to reinforce its ties with Islamic
countries - Obama,too.

Will added this one:-
"We don't trust you and it aint because of your middle name"


Will said...

Hi Alex.
I have one more suggestion for a slogan or banner:"We don't trust you and it aint because of your middle name"?

Alexander Münch said...

That's a good one!
I will add it to the list in RED with your name attached to it!