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Oct 20, 2010

Never Accept Turkish Oath

Never Accept Turkish Oath

Turkey will cover Iran from European missile defense

19.10 15:06

NATO member, Turkey is likely to become the gravedigger of one of the most grandiose and expensive projects in the history of the alliance - the deployment of missile defense elements in Europe.

The official pretext of deployment is "the Iranian missile threat."

Americans are counting on the fact that the elements of missile defense will be, except in Europe, located in Turkey, and for a real defense against Iranian missiles Turkish stations are crucial. Americans upon request to the Turks.

Bulgarian news agency BGNES reported that the Turks had already responded to the request by denying that puts the whole idea of missile defense into question.

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmed Davitoglu said: "We see no threat coming from the territory of our neighbors to our security or the security of NATO member countries."

Two other Balkan NATO members, who, by strange coincidence, are historical enemies of Turkey - Romania and Bulgaria hold the opposite view and consider Syria and Iran as one of the main sources of threats to European security and stability. Both countries agreed on the deployment of missile defense system on its territory.

Bulgaria's Defense Minister Ana Angelov said that Syrian missiles are a threat to security in the region. This led to a major diplomatic row, and Syria has threatened to sever diplomatic relations with Bulgaria.

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