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Sep 21, 2009

Know your Enemy !

Victoria & Aaron

Look what my "Rat" has found on Google:-

Read what a 27-year-old Male Troll from Mesa, Arizona, US With a name of Aaron Norcia has to say to a "JIZFI" ( Jewish Israeli Zionist Fanatic Infidel ) with a very shot fuse...:-

As you may well know, we,( Victoria told him to do so !... ), have started this site in order to help further the message of the Progressive agenda. In doing so we have devoted countless hours of time, effort, and perseverance to this page. Which has not, by any means come without a cost. Both financial and Emotional. In order to ensure that this site remains a powerful message to the masses we would greatly appreciate any donations you may be able to send. Thank you again. We are the voices of the American people.

As I said, My wish is to have one minute with you, (Alone)! And you will be on your way back home in three plastic bags immediately!
The fourth part will remain as an appetizer to my Pet Hayina !

Now, I had to read Troll's "Vomit Graffiti" each time I tried my best to comfort AOW in the most difficult moment of her life!

(with one purpose only! to make a mockery of it!)

Well, Troll!
I have a green fluorescent & radioactive CORONA glowing around me right now !

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