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Sep 22, 2009

I know all the war verses in the Quran


I know all the war verses in the Quran. And i feel so proud and honoured that Allah revealed these verses as without it the Ummah, today, would just surrender to American terrorism.

Why do you not look at the history of your own race and people before judging others?

Since the end of world war 2 who has killed the most civilians, destroyed the most homes and lives?

Finally Mr Spencer the youth of the Ummah and i thank you. We thank you for opening our eyes and showing us that 99% of a war is fought through media, both traditional and new. USA soliders can rape and kill without any outrage or tarnishing the USA's image because of words, imagery and sound. So thank you for showing us that fighting with sticks against f16s solves nothing. But fighting mind vs mind gives both parties an equal playing field. PS, 9/11 was a consequence of US terrorism abroad.

For to long the cowardly west have been massacring the weak abroad without fear of any reprisals back home, this has changed.

You are like a little snake and Inshallah you will be disgraced very soon.


To the one who knows all the war verses in the Quran,

Your argument is a classic example of a whishful thinking of all the "serial losers" in the written history.
You don't mind being called by this title for the next 1000 years as long as there is a micro-chance for a " single victory " ! RIGHT? ..

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