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Aug 24, 2010

That's why I love this guy :-

Try to say the same thing using your own words and see what comes out !...

That's why I love this guy :-

As a result of my experience, I developed, in age, an aversion to romantic myths. Instead I was seized with a hunger for information - for the facts that would reveal to me the truth about the years I was a member of a heroic vanguard. The fall of the Communist empire and the opening of its secrets have fed this passion. Preserved in the decoded Venona communications between Soviet agents in America and their contacts in the Kremlin is the record of the truths we had denied, and whose denial made our romance possible. The truths revealed that we were just what our enemies had always said we were.There were spies among us, and cold-blooded agents for a tainted cause. And all of us, it could no longer be denied, had treason in our hearts in the name of a future that would never come.

In the battle of good and evil that formed the core of our romantic myth, we had enlisted - New and Old left alike - on the wrong side of the historical conflict. We had set out as the proud harbingers of a progressive future. But what we had actually created were realities far worse than those we were seeking to escape. The enemies we scorned patriots defending America - turned out to be the protectors of what was decent and pragmatically good, who had saved us from being consumed by our crimes.

It became clear to me that the world was not going to be changed into anything very different or better from what it had been. On this earth there would be no kingdom of freedom where swords would be turned into plowshares and lions would lay down with lambs. It should have been obvious when I began. Many things change, but people fundamentally do not. Otherwise how could Shakespeare, or writers more ancient, capture in their creations a reality that we recognize, and that still moves us today?

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