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Aug 4, 2010

Our people and our equipment stand at your disposal

Hezbollah leader speaks following exchange of fire between IDF, Lebanese Army, says organization is prepared to help military, takes opportunity to accuse Israel of assassinating al-Hariri

Roee Nahmias

Published: 08.03.10, 23:26 / Israel News

'Israeli hand will be cut off'

Nasrallah also addressed Israel. "You are the ones threatening war, but Lebanon is not afraid of confronting you. All of the military alignments you dealt with are above the surface, but they are within fortified embankments. Even though we don't have equipment on the same level, our fighters fight with courage and shocked them."

Nasrallah also threatened that Hezbollah "is on alert and is ready to help the military in all the villages on the front. We are not concerned and are not hysterical like their coward settlers. The nation, the opposition, and the military have paid in blood for this act of heroism, but they did not bear fruit. "Officers and soldiers in the Lebanese military are our brothers and loved ones. How could it be that the opposition will sit with its armed crossed from now on as the military is bombed? I will saw honestly: We will not sit with arms crossed, and the Israeli hand outstretched to strike the Lebanese military will be cut off by the opposition."

'Exposing al-Hariri's true murderer'

As Hezbollah is in the crosshairs of the international tribunal into the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik al-Hariri, Nasrallah took the opportunity to accuse Israel of being responsible for the incident.

"The Israeli media gladly reports all kinds of speculations on the direction, in their opinion, Lebanon is headed," said Nasrallah.
After noting that he follows the Israeli press, the Hezbollah leaders said, "They speak of a big explosion, a civil war, crisis, and more. We want to expose the truth surrounding the circumstances of al-Hariri's death, something that from our perspective is the right of every Lebanese. We want to protect the unity of Lebanon and the well-being of its citizens."

He said, "This coming Monday, I will hold a press conference during which I will present evidence of Israel's involvement in the al-Hariri assassination and the goings-on in the international tribunal in The Hague. We will present significant proof that Israel, via its agents, tried to convince al-Hariri already in 1993 that Hezbollah wants to assassinate him. We blame the Israeli enemy for the assassination, and the figures I will reveal will open new horizons in the investigation that will lead to the identity of the true murderer."

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Will said...

Hi Alex.
great tactics create a diversion and cry wolf .guaranteed to work when used against israel