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Aug 25, 2010

"Israel is a Scum State!"

Good news Frankie!

Does it mean that from now on we can enter your pub ?... Drink a couple of cold-ones you know and have a chat or two about the miserable souls who ere desperately trying to get into the "land of scum" despite being shot and killed by "scum haters"...
We could 'stretch' the conversation and discus the Enigma, how come this "scum state" called Israel, is at the bottom of the list of countries with the lowest rates of suicide such as Greece, and Mexico !... While Finland has been seen as a world leader in people taking their own lives !
I could go on and on deep into the night, but I shall put an and to it right now !
You don't deserve a second more !


The Merry Widow said...

Why aren't I surprised?
leftistas can't stand anyone or anything that reminds them that there is a GOD to whom they must give account...sure sounds like rumblings from The Pit!


Will said...

Hi Alex.
Checked the Finnish history.

"The first Jews came to Finland during the nineteenth century. One often hears that these were so-called cantonists, young Jewish boys forcefully conscripted to military service at an early age and, starting when they were eighteen, made to serve twenty-five years in the army. These boys had to be stripped of their religious and national identity. That only pertains, however, to a few of the early Finnish Jews. Most were soldiers, drafted during the reign of Tsar Nikolai I, who were based in Finland and in 1858, as discharged soldiers, were allowed to stay in Finland. They were known as ‘Nikolai's soldiers.'

"In 1917, the Finnish parliament declared independence. Lenin and his government, who by then were in power in the Soviet Union, announced their agreement. Thus on 6 December 1917, the Republic of Finland was born. One of the first things the Finnish parliament decided was to give the Jews citizenship. It was the penultimate country in Europe-before Romania-to do so. The Finns claim they were not independent before, and hence could not have given the Jews citizenship. The truth is rather different. Already in the nineteenth century, there were bitter debates on the issue and hard-line positions against granting the Jews citizenship. Opponents said they did not want Polish or Russian Jews but would accept Western ones.

"Finnish independence was followed by a civil war between the Reds, backed by Russia, and the Whites, backed by Germany. The war involved a contest between Russia and Germany over spheres of interest. Only in the 1920s could Finland begin building itself as a modern independent state.

"In the 1930s, like elsewhere in Europe, several right-wing parties emerged. These published a great deal of anti-Semitic material. A doctoral thesis was recently published on anti-Semitic writings in Finland in that period. The author read 433 Finnish periodicals and textbooks covering the years 1918-1944, and concluded that 16.4 percent of them contained at least one instance of anti-Semitism. He remarked: ‘One can see a distinct foreign and especially German influence in the subjects and phraseology of Finnish anti-Semitic writings from 1918 to 1944. Several known Finnish anti-Semitic writers had some kind of link with Germany.'"'s_Tarnished_Holocaust_Record