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Aug 11, 2010

Mash'al :- " No legitimacy for the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations ! "

Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
August 8, 2010

Hamas leader Khaled Mash'al has recently presented Hamas' ideological and strategic alternative to the PA's approach towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. He slammed the PLO leadership, denied the legitimacy of Israel, ruled out the negotiations with it in their present form, and called to follow the path of jihad and armed struggle.

Palestine-info, August 3, 2010
Report on the Hamas website about a so-called "strategic" interview granted by Khaled Mash'al to Al-Sabil, the Muslim Brotherhood organ in Jordan (July 21, 2010). It is our assessment that the photograph of Hamas founder Sheikh Yassin in the background is meant to provide ideological validity to Mash'al's statements (Palestine-info, August 3, 2010).

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