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Aug 22, 2010

LOOK ! And eat your heart out !..

My poor Kitten fell into a bucket of Yogurt !...

Niva Hazon - Communications instructor

Niva Hazon enlisted in April 2007. She served as gunnery instructor and communication instructor at Armorred Forces central training base at Sayayrim, in the south of Israel.

When corporal Niva Hazon climbs on the turret of the MERKAVA 4 tank she cannot hide her excitement. "I have not been on a tank for a month now," she disclosed, "most of the communication instruction is carried out in the classroom. We have special simulators on which we can demonstrate the tank's communication system. Only after extensive practice in the classroom we actually go in the tank".

After she easily leaps into the tank, Niva gives us a comprehensive explanation about the communication equipment. "We were taught every possible detail about this equipment. This way we earn the respect of the trainees, and motivates them to learn. The instructor is an important part of in producing a combatant".



Will said...

Hi Alex.
Great Tank i wish i could take it for a ride and shoot a few rounds lets say at the sign here above?

Alexander Münch said...

Stupid ...
You will hit the Church !
It is 300 m behind the sign !
I don't mind if you do that with the turret at 3 o'clock ( with phosphor! )...

Will said...

Not if i'm standing in front of the church to fire?