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Aug 17, 2010

Mattera, Buchanan: The Obama-Hamas Connection

Folks, it's a disturbingly sad day in America when our President essentially finds himself on the same side as the terrorist outfit Hamas. Which is exactly where Barack landed by backing the decision to build an Islamic center just blocks from where an Allah-inspired bloodbath occurred. And our vaunted mainstream media? They're pimping the exact same editorial position on the Mega Mosque that shady Islamic organizations and Middle East newspapers are vomiting. Just how identical are the statements from the media and Obama to that of Hamas and other questionable groups? Good question.

How about a variation of the board game, "Guess Who?" I'll provide you with a ringing endorsement of the Ground Zero mosque, and you tell me who uttered it -- the New York Times, Hamas, Barack Obama, CAIR, the Washington Post, or the Pakistan Observer. Ready?
Click here to see if you can, "Guess Who?" ? Jason Mattera

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